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30/07/19 Paignton Premier 1960 Threefold tie All 70 games from the 1960 Paignton Premier which I found on Mega/BigBase 2017. I have amended the numerous mistakes in players' names, added dates, crosstable and results.
23/07/19 Steve Berry Collection - A collection of games played by strong English amateur Steve Berry (1951-2019). Latest update: three more games submitted by Alan Smith, for which many thanks.
23/07/19 British Championship 1924 Atkins All 66 of the 66 games from the 1924 British Championship held in Southport (same venue as the 1905 championships), plus 45 games from subsidiary events. The most interesting of the latter category are 10 of the 11 games played and won by Akiba Rubinstein in compiling his 11/11 score in the 1924 Major Open. I have also included a couple of photos I took of the venue in September 2015, names of competitors, results, etc. Latest update: added one game from the Ladies' Championship (Banting 0-1 Holloway), thanks to Alan Smith. I have also taken the opportunity to add complete crosstables of results and photos of HE Atkins and Edith Price.
23/07/19 British Championship 1964 Michael Haygarth 40 complete Championship games and 5 part-games, plus 18 games from subsidiary events. Crosstables and results from the BCF Congress, held that year in Whitby. Latest update: one game added from the Unde-16 championship (Tate 1-0 Buckler), thanks to Alan Smith.
26/06/19 British Championship 1913 FD Yates 30 of the 66 games from the Championship, plus 15 from subsidiary sections. Latest update: Added the game Bogdanor-Dixon (First-Class A) - many thanks to Gerard Killoran.
26/06/19 British Championship 1975 W. Hartston All 187 games from the Championship, plus 3 from the women's section. Latest update: added the game S.Jackson-K.Hindle from the 1975 women's championship, which I found in the history section at Chess Scotland.
25/06/19 Korrection Korner - I draw readers' attention to a couple of recent entries in 'Korrection Korner' where I list Mega/Big Database errors that I come across.
23/06/19 Peter Griffiths file - Games of the well-known Midlands player Peter C Griffiths, with the majority input from Griffiths' own scorebooks by Matthew Tapper and originally posted here in 2009. Latest update: one game added Griffiths 0-1 Kurajica, Midland Open Championship 1968.
23/06/19 British Championship 1970 Bob Wade All 179 games, plus 19 from subsidiary events. Note that one of the championship games (Farooqui-Pritchard, Round 5) was shown in the bulletin with the wrong result. This has been corrected to 0-1. Latest update: added RH Tracy-P Griffths from the First-Class tournament (n.b. not PC Griffiths)
20/06/19 British Championship 1981 Paul Littlewood All 286 games have been available here since 1998. Latest update: reformatted, with improvements to names, plus crosstables and full results of subsidiary sections.
19/06/19 British Championship 1963 J.Penrose All 154 Championship games plus 80 from subsidiary sections. The Championship games have been available for some time but I have added round numbers and dates. The 80 games from subsidiary sections are new. I have included a crosstable and results of subsidiary sections.
19/06/19 British Championship 1932 Mir Sultan Khan 48 of the 66 games, plus 5 part-games. 23 games and part-games from subsidiary sections. Latest update: added 13 more games and part-games from subsidiary events and provided round numbers where known. I have also added more sources to championship games where known.
18/06/19 Hastings 1930/31 Max Euwe 33 of the 45 games of the Premier. Latest update: I have just stumbled on the score of Winter-Menchik, Premier Round 8, which was in the Manchester Guardian for 9 January 1931. Perhaps surprising that it hasn't come to light before.
12/06/19 British Championship 1933 Mir Sultan Khan 34 of the 66 games from the 1933 British Championship, held at the Hastings Chess Club, plus some part-games, and three games/part-games won by Ghulam Fatima in the British Ladies Championship held alongside. Crosstables included, plus those of the General Congress, which was held the previous month alongside the Team Tournament in Folkestone. Latest update: some newspaper reports added, plus one significant item of data culled from a 1933 ship's passenger list - the full name of 'Miss Fatima' which the register gave as Ghulam Fatima (though the latter name was misspelt as 'Fatims').
04/06/19 Wilfred Henry Pratten - 533 games played by strong Hampshire amateur player Wilfred Henry Pratten (1908-1985). Pratten was a fine player who won the British Boys' (Under 18) Championship in 1924 and 1925 and might have gone on to become a master had not the necessity to earn a living and support a family intervened. 400 of these these games were originally published in a 2004 self-published book Wilfred Henry Pratten: Doyen of Hampshire Chess by Roger Paige; the number of games has grown subsequently and this file was kindly made available to me by Arthur Brameld who collaborated with Roger Paige in collecting them. I am grateful to both Roger and Arthur. Latest update: 12 more games contributed by Brian Denman, for which many thanks. Brian has also provided some amendments to dates and venues.
30/05/19 British Championship 1935 William Winter 32 games, 2 part-games of the 66 available. Also, 20 games of the 1935 Major Open, won with 10/11 by Samuel Reshevsky, and other subsidiary events. Latest update: part-game from the Major Open added (Menchik 0-1 Seitz) plus two semi-complete games and one part-game from First-Class B.
28/05/19 British Championship 1953 Abe Yanofsky All 176 games of the Championship, plus 17 from subsidiary events. Latest update: 8 games from the junior (U21, Boys U18 and Girls U18 tournaments) which were played separately and earlier than the main congress. I've have also added further textual detail about these events.
26/05/19 Mir Sultan Khan - 187 games plus 36 stubs/part-games. Latest update: another CHO'D Alexander vs Sultan Khan game (played 15 November 1930) found by Alan Smith in the Times Literary Supplement. The Indian player had Black and won. Many thanks to Alan.
25/05/19 British Championship 1923 Sir George Thomas 49 of the 66 games played in the British Championship, played at the girls' school in Southsea. For the final three rounds, I had the benefit of the Tinsley notebooks, lent by Tony Gillam. The tournament was also significant for the participation of future world champion Alekhine in the Major Open, in which he scored 10½/11. The download includes eight of his games, the missing or incomplete ones being from rounds 5, 7 and 11, against Groen, Kahn and Gurnhill respectively. The eight extant Alekhine games appear on Mega/Big 2016 and elsewhere but they are often mixed up with others from simuls and lightning tournaments. Latest update: I've added a significant amount of new text and images, culled from the 1923 BCM reports, and included some new games and part-games from subsidiary events. Also, an amendment to the score of the Rd 5 Championship game between Jacobs and Sir George Thomas.
20/05/19 1969 BCF Grading List & SCA Ratings - PDF with leading grades of 183 and above as published in the Autumn of 1979, plus the equivalent top Scottish national list for that year.
21/04/19 British Championship 1969 Penrose All 176 games from the bulletin, plus 127 games from subsidiary events. Latest update: added 15 games to the subsidiary events.
21/04/19 Varsity Match 1912 Oxford Three complete games and 1 part-game from the 1912 Varsity match, with results, reports and biographical material. My thanks to Gerard Killoran for supplying the photo, which prompted me to upload the file.
20/04/19 England vs Netherlands 1969 Drawn 11 of the 22 games played in this double-round match played in London. Uploaded for the first time on 20 April 2019. All decisive games of the match are included. Some of the games are additional to those which have previously appeared on Big/Mega Database.
10/04/19 British Championship 1962 Jonathan Penrose All 176 games of the main championships, plus 40 games from subsidiary events. These games have been widely available for many years, but now given dates, newspaper sources and forenames of players, plus full results and crosstables, etc. Latest update: three games from subsidiary sections added (Waring-Fersht (U21), McAlpine-Lambshire (U18), Sandiford-Ball (U18).
10/04/19 Paul Keres Simul Tour 1962 - 16 games and part-games from a simul tour made by Soviet/Estonian GM Paul Keres between 25 November and 3 December 1962, with magazine and newspaper reports and a photo. First uploaded to BritBase, 10 April 2019.
10/04/19 Netherlands vs England 1962 England 12 of the 22 games played in this match, held in Vlissingen [Flushing] on 3-4 November 1962. Some of the games have previously been published on Mega/Big but I have added a few more, culled from CHESS magazine. It includes all the decisive games played in the double-round match. Also, full results and reports from CHESS, The Times and the Manchester Guardian. First upoaded to BritBase, 9 April 2019. Latest update: One game added - Kuijpers-Hollis (Rd 2, ½-½).
28/03/19 British Championship 1980 John Nunn (after a play-off) All 220 games of the tournament plus 1 game from the Major Open and all 6 games from the Nunn-Hartston play-off match. This collection of games has been on Britbase since 1998 but I have given it a make-over to include a crosstable, background text and the full results of all sections.
27/03/19 Birmingham 1976 Mestel 19 games plus 6 part-games of the Birmingham International, played 12-24 April 1976. It seems strange that a complete record of this tournament is not available, given its strength, but I've not come across a bulletin. Can anyone help to discover more games?
27/03/19 1958 London Boys Championship Various Just the one game but a significant one for the laws of chess. The result of the game between David Rumens and David Mabbs was eventually decided by the 1958 FIDE Congress which established that checkmate on the board concluded the game irrespective of the flag falling before the player could stop his clock. The score was published in the Glasgow Herald and sent to me by Stewart Reuben for inputting.
27/03/19 Bernard Cafferty file - 1,921 games by English FM Bernard Cafferty (born 1934), including 2 part-games and 19 stubs. Latest update: two complete games, both played in 1976 and a part-game from the same year. Full details of updates.
26/03/19 London-Belgrade telex match 1976 Drawn 4-4 All 8 games played in this April 1976 match.
24/03/19 Glasgow 800 Cup England This was a three-round team event featuring representative sides from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. All 48 games available, with thanks to Alan McGowan and Alistair Maxwell who input them and uploaded them to the Chess Scotland download area. Alan has also supplied further background information at the same site here.
18/03/19 Southsea 1949 Rossolimo 50 of the 140 games, plus 4 from subsidiary events. This is not new to BritBase - the games have been downloadable since 1997 - but I have tidied up the names and added dates, crosstable, some contemporary text, etc.
12/03/19 London-Sydney Radio Match 1949 London A 10-board match played via radio on 26/28 August 1949 between teams representing the city leagues of London and Sydney, Australia. All ten games, sourced from The Chess Bulletin, Vol, 1, No.3, 17 September 1949, plus a results table and links to biographical information about the players.
05/03/19 British Championship 1926 FD Yates 52 of the 66 games from the 1926 British Championship held in Edinburgh, plus seven games from that year's Major Open. Latest update: two games added: Breese-Wakefield & Youngman-Wakefield, both Second Class B. Many thanks to Brian Denman.
03/03/19 2019 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge Oxford All eight games, report plus several photos of this match, played 2 March 2019 at the RAC Clubhouse, Pall Mall, London. Note, I have also updated the complete lists of Oxford and Cambridge participants in this series of 137 matches.
03/03/19 1989 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge Cambridge Added one game: Webster-Mukherjee. Thanks to Peter Webster for supplying.
28/02/19 1937 British Championship WA Fairhurst 44 of the 66 games, plus 9 games from subsidiary events, results and crosstables, and a photo from a regional newspaper. My thanks to Eduardo Bauza and Andy Ansel for help with the games. Updated 10/02/16: three games from the Ladies' Championship added, thanks to Gerard Killoran. Updated 24/03/16: one Major Open game (Watson-Cole) added. Many thanks to Brian Denman. And, later the same day, two Fairhurst games added (vs Golombek (rd 6) and Michell (rd 10). Latest update: One game added: Peters-Mallison, Major Open, Rd 5. Many thanks to Brian Denman..
28/02/19 British Championship 1904 Napier

57 of the 66 games, with 9 stubs, plus 26 games from subsidiary events, and the play-off games between Napier and Atkins played in early 1905. My thanks to Tim Harding for helping me to sort out round numbers and dates, plus indicating where a handful of individual games were played ahead of schedule. Latest update: a game from the women's championship, Bowles-Stevens, added. My thanks to Brian Denman.

28/02/19 Hector William Shoosmith (1877-1912) - 124 games (plus 2 part-games and 16 stubs) of Hector William Shoosmith (1877-1912), a strong English player of the Edwardian era, who played in several British Championships. I made a collection of his games as part of my research for an article about Shoosmith published in the August 2017 issue of CHESS Magazine. My thanks to Brian Denman for his considerable help with this task, also Gerard Killoran for additional games. Latest update: I have removed one duplicate game and added a further six submitted by Brian Denman, for which many thanks.
28/02/19 Roger Emerson - 602 games played by Roger Emerson between 1965 and 1982. They were for the most part input by Roger himself and some of them include his extensive commentary. Roger stopped playing competition chess in 1982, unable to devote the time needed to maintain his standard, but returned to play on retirement in 2009, since when his ECF grade has once more reached 200 and he has won three British Senior Championship titles and sponsored/captained Guildford to six 4NCL Division One titles. As well as the games there is some biographical information and photos. Latest update: two further games submitted by Brian Denman, plus some amendments made to names and dates.
18/02/19 Shoosmith, Cafferty and Varsity Matches - Added one game to the Hector Shoosmith file and another to the Bernard Cafferty file (my thanks to Gerard Killoran for both games). I've also added some years to the Varsity match series - it now goes back as far as 1947 from the present day. I have also added a new feature - complete lists of Oxford and Cambridge participants in Varsity matches going back to 1873.
18/01/19 Steve Berry (1951-2019) - 342 games played by FM Steve Berry who sadly died only a few days ago. He was a strong player, consistently of 2300+ standard for around 40 years, and held the FM title. Latest update: now up to 394 games following updates from Roger de Coverly, Mark Page, Norman Stephenson and others.
11/12/18 Games of Comins Mansfield - 34 games played by Comins Mansfield (1896-1984). Many thanks to Gerard Killoran for originating this set of games by the famous problemist in 2016. Latest update: another game, plus a date confirmation of another, supplied by Gerard Killoran; and, a couple of days previously, two further games added, sent by Alan Smith. Many thanks to Gerard and Alan.
07/12/18 British Championship 1912 RC Griffith 36 of the 66 games from the 1912 British Championship held in the Castle Assembly Rooms, Richmond, Surrey; also 10 games from the Major Open, 4 games from the Women's Championship won by Gertrude Anderson and 4 games from an innovative match between the 12 competitors in the British Championship proper and the 12 Major Open competitors (the Major Open won by 6½-5½). Latest update: Additional championship game: Michell-Wahltuch (Rd 10) - many thanks to Alan Smith.
20/11/18 Ian Wells Collection - The collection of games played by Ian Duncan Wells (1964-82) now numbers 295. April 2018: 21 new games from May-July 1979 from Wells's original scorebooks, collected and input by Sean Parker, for which many thanks. Latest update: the game Pitcher 0-1 Wells, Manchester Open 1978, added.
07/08/18 Alexander Cup Final 2018 Surbiton Eight of the ten games played in the Alexander Cup (Surrey team K.O. competition) final in which Surbiton beat Kingston by 6-4. Reports, results and photos. Latest update: The board two game Jogstad-Holland added. Thanks to John Foley.
16/05/18 British Championship 1911 HE Atkins (after play-off) 30 of the 66 games from the 1911 British Championship held in Glasgow, plus 8 games from subsidiary events. Latest update: added the score of Billings-Krasser (First-Class) - thanks to Gerard Killoran.
14/05/18 Technical update   I have changed the board window throughout BritBase to a two-tone shade of blue, and changed to the Merida font for the pieces. This is part of an upgrade of the game viewer software Pgn4Web from version 2.71 to 3.03. If the board and/or pieces don't load properly, please try refreshing the screen or clearing the cache. If that doesn't work, or you spot anything else peculiar, please report the problem to me.
12/05/18 British Championship 1910 Atkins 33 of the 66 games, with 32 stubs and 20 games from the subsidiary games, from the 1910 British Championship played in Oxford. Latest update: added the game Houlding-Stevens (Rd 8, Ladies' Championship - thanks to Brian Denman.
06/05/18 British Championship 1961 Jonathan Penrose 32 of the 187 games in the championship, plus 13 part-games, plus 22 games (and 1 part-game) from subsidiary events. My thanks to Brian Denman for his help in compiling this, and to Tom Guy for making his Major Open games available for publication
03/05/18 British Championship 1905 Atkins 40 games from the 1905 British Championship held in Southport, plus 38 games from subsidiary events. Many thanks for help from Gerard Killoran, Brian Denman, Richard James and others. Latest update: Added nine more games from subsidiary sections, all contributed by Gerard Killoran: three from First Class B — Coates-Hamond, Wallwork-Hamond, Hamond-Crum (this last one was already on file but without clarity about result or end of game) — and six from Second Class B — Adcock-Burgoyne, Collins-Adcock, Greenhalgh-Adcock, Adcock-Kitchin, Adcock-Stockwell, Adcock-Forrest. Many thanks, Gerard. I have taken the opportunity of adding complete crosstables (in draw order) from BCM.
01/05/18 British Championship 1990 Jim Plaskett 296 games, plus 33 skeleton games, crosstable, with most round numbers and dates included. If anyone can supply missing games, a more complete crosstable or info about round numbers and dates, I would be very grateful. Latest update: Rather an embarrassing error, both for BritBase and ChessBase: Ken Norman points out that both databases have the round 5 game MJ Franklin vs MJ Franklin! Ken has consulted his copy of the tournament bulletin to discover that White was Christopher Franklin. Amendment applied. Thanks, Ken. A further update today: Brian Denman has kindly sent me a file with more round numbers and dates shown, plus some games from the Major Open. I have now added this to BritBase, plus some extra stub games to create a better (but still incomplete) crosstable.
01/05/18 Bognor Regis 1953 Winter / Golombek 9 of the 28 games of this eight-player round robin, played as the main event of the first Bognor Regis congress. Also three part-games and three games from lower sections. Latest update: an additional Premier game (Gross-Wade, Rd 1) and a game from Reserves B (Fawcett-Nield) added - thanks to Andy Ansel and Brian Denman. And, later the same day, Golombek-Wood (Rd 7) has now transformed from a part-game to a complete game, thanks to Gerard Killoran.
01/05/18 Glasgow International 1953 Jonathan Penrose 16 of the 25 games played in this eight-player round robin, July-August 1953. My thanks to Alan McGowan for the games.
01/05/18 Wade-Fairhurst match 1953 Bob Wade All eight games played in this match held in Glasgow in February/March 2018, contributed by Alan McGowan. They have long been available via ChessBase and elsewhere but Alan has placed them in the correct order. I have added dates and printed sources.
29/04/18 GB-USSR Radio Match 1946 USSR All 24 games of the GB versus USSR radio match played in June 1946. These games have long been generally available but, with the help of Eduardo Bauza, we now have dates, round numbers and provenance, plus a table of results and some press reports added by me.
29/04/18 British Championship 1952 Bob Wade 42 of a possible 154 games, plus 14 game fragments and 3 games from subsidiary sections. Latest update: full name Stanley Archibald Seale now given.
29/04/18 British Championship 1960 Jonathan Penrose 31 games out of 198, plus 9 part-games, plus 3 games & 2 part-games from subsidiary events. Also crosstables of the two main tournaments, plus some contemporary newspaper coverage.
27/04/18 British Championship 1929 Sultan Khan 32 games out of 66, with stubs, part-games, and 9 games from subsidiary events. Latest update: the game Eva - Sultan Khan, British Championship 1929 (Rd 11) added - thanks to Gerard Killoran.
27/04/18 British Championship 1906 Atkins 32 games from the 1906 British Championship held in Shrewsbury, plus 33 stubs and 25 games from subsidiary events. Latest update: the game Lee-Wainwright (Rd 2) added - thanks to Gerard Killoran.
19/04/18 Hastings 1920/21 Yates All 12 games from this four-player double-cycle event, which was the first in the sequence of Hastings Christmas/New Year congresses. Latest update: correction to Griffith-Scott (Rd 6), plus some extra text giving a round-by-round report, as well further source references for some of the games. My thanks to Andy Ansel for pointing out the error in Griffith-Scott.
18/04/18 British Championship 1921 FD Yates 27 of the 66 games of the 1921 British Chess Championship, held at Malvern College in August, plus 4 part-games, and 25 games from the subsidiary events. Latest update: added the game Jacobs-Yates (Rd 2) - thanks to Alan Smith.
18/04/18 Varsity Match 1935 Drawn All seven games plus a lot of biographical information about the participants, including some photos.
16/04/18 British Championship 1958 Jonathan Penrose (after a play-off with Leonard Barden) 28* of the 154 games, plus six part-games and a default game, plus 11 games from the Major Open and the five games of the Penrose-Barden play-off match played some months later. As usual I have supplied a crosstable and results of other sections. Disappointing to have found so few games, though BH Wood's scathing comment about how 120 of the 154 games played were "very boring" may give a clue as to why so few are in circulation. * Latest update: (15 April 2018) Six more Championship games contributed by Andy Ansel. Many thanks to Andy. And on 16 April 2018 a game from the Major Open (Cook-Matchett) contributed by Brian Denman. Thanks, Brian.
16/04/18 British Championship 1957 Stefan Fazekas 65 of the 176 games (plus two part-games) of the British Championship played in Plymouth and won by the rank outsider, 59-year-old Dr Stefan Fazekas. Includes a crosstable, results for other sections, various newspaper reports and related discussions. One game from the Boys' Under 18 also included, with a favourite Stewart Reuben anecdote in the notes. Latest update: a game from the First Class event (Blackett-Vine) submitted by Brian Denman, for which many thanks.
16/04/18 Bolton Easter Open 2018 Ali Jaunooby, Joe McPhillips, Mike Surtees All 47 games from the open section. Thanks to Ian Lamb for inputting the games, and Richard Palliser for forwarding them to me.
15/04/18 British Championship 1971 Raymond Keene All 198 games of the championship proper, plus 23* games from subsidiary sections. Crosstables of the championship, women's championship and Under-21, plus full results of all sections. First uploaded August 2017. * Latest update: added the games Speelman-Nunn, round 9, and later Hershman-Nunn, round 11. My thanks to Andy Ansel.
15/04/18 British Championship 1949 H Golombek 47 complete games of a possible 176, plus many game fragments and one game from the Ladies' Championship. This was the first British Championship to be held on a Swiss system basis, with 32 selected players. Latest update: game fragment J.Penrose-A.R.B. Thomas (Rd 9.11) added.
15/04/18 British Championship 1959 Jonathan Penrose (after a play-off with Leonard Barden) All 187 games of the 1959 British Championship, plus 14 from subsidiary events, and all four from the play-off tournament played in November 1959 between Penrose, Haygarth and Golombek. The games have been tidied up and dated, crosstables and reports provided. Latest update: the game Beach-Green (Rd 9.12) amended.
09/04/18 Paignton 1951 Harry Golombek 14 of the 28 games, plus 3 part-games, from the eight-player all-play-all won by Harry Golombek ahead of Max Euwe.
09/04/18 Commonwealth Championship 1951 WA Fairhurst All 15 games. Not new - these have been available for many years - but now presented in a games viewer, with a crosstable and photo.
09/04/18 British Championship 1951 E. Klein 39 of a possible 165 games, plus 3 games from the Major Open. Crosstables and results. Updated 09/04/18 to include the score of the game Morry-Blaine (round 4).
08/04/18 Polar Capital Jersey Open 2018 Tiger Hillarp Persson, Alan Merry 177 games from the Polar Capital Jersey (Channel Islands) Open, input by IM Jack Rudd. Note that the file was amended an hour or two after its original upload to show that Mitchell-Wojciechowski (round 3.14) was won (on time) by White rather than drawn.
05/04/18 British Championship 1956 Alexander 37 of the games, plus 8 part-games and 12 from subsidiary events (including all 11 of Bernard Cafferty's games in the Major Open), and results from all the events.
03/04/18 British Championship 1967 Penrose Added two games from the British Under-14 Championship, played by John Nunn (vs Chapman and Miles). These were sourced from a ChessBase article written by John Nunn and published on 3 April 2018.
29/03/18 Varsity match archive - The Varsity match archive is now up-to-date for the years 1956 to 2018. I am systematically adding years in reverse chronological order. It will be some time before this is complete.
29/03/18 1954 Grading List - I've added a scan of the November 1954 British Chess Federation Grading List to the documents folder.
03/03/18 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge 2018 Oxford The 136th Varsity chess match between Oxford and Cambridge, played on 3 March 2018.
01/03/18 Gibraltar page - A special new page set up to provide PGNs and lists of winners for the Gibraltar International Chess Festival from 2003 onwards. Now up to date with complete PGNs for all the 2018 Tradewise Gibraltar Festival tournaments (Masters, Challengers A and B, Amateurs A and B) and all the Masters and Challengers tournaments from 2003 to 2017. Only a handful of games are available from some of the Amateur tournaments.
10/02/18 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2018 Levon Aronian All 1,388 games, including play-offs, defaults and byes. I have made some amendments to the games from the official site, showing where games have been won by default, etc. In due course I hope to add separate files for the subsidiary sections.
08/02/18 British Championship 1909 HE Atkins Added a new game, Schories-Clark (Round 8, First Class B), kindly submitted by Alan Smith (many thanks). I have used the opportunity to complete revamp, adding photos and text from BCM, including round numbers and dates in subsidiary games, etc.
08/02/18 British Championship 1908 HE Atkins Added a new game, Schories-Fawcett (Round 7, First-Class A), kindly submitted by Alan Smith (many thanks). I have also taken the opportunity to add further data regarding this tournament played in Tunbridge Wells, including photos, full scores of events and the report as published in BCM, plus round numbers and dates for two previously published games from subsidiary events.
09/01/18 Chess.com Isle of Man International 2017 Magnus Carlsen All the games of the 2017 Chess.com Isle of Man Masters, won by Magnus carlsen, plus all the games from the Major and Minor tournaments, plus crosstables for all three competitions. This and other historical Isle of Man tournaments may also be accessed via the Isle of Man tournament page.
29/11/17 City of London National 1904 Napier All 125 extant games, plus 11 blanks, with copious notes, of the games played in this tournament which shortly preceded the first British (BCF) Championship. Kindly contributed by Eduardo Bauza, with full names and sources given.
29/11/17 City of London Invitational 1900 Teichmann All 78 games from this 13-player round-robin, won by Richard Teichmann. Kindly contributed by Eduardo Bauza, with full names and sources given.
29/11/17 London Black and White 1893 Blackburne All 15 games from this short tournament, played at Simpson's Divan in 1893, and kindly contributed by Eduardo Bauza, with full names and sources given.
09/10/17 British Championship 1907 Atkins 29 games, 4 part-games, 14 games from subsidiary events. The 1907 British Championship was held in Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London. Latest update: Palmer-Mackenzie added (thanks to Brian Denman) (Full list of updates here)
16/09/17 Correction to a player name - I am grateful to David LeMoir for pointing out an error in a name in the game Miles-Wise from the British Under-21 Championship in 1970. I have now corrected this error - the black player was Derek M Wise - but it led me to investigate further confusion between games played by Derek M Wise (of Bristol) and by David Wise (of Middlesbrough). I consulted David Wise and I am grateful for his help in sorting out the confusion. I am in the process of applying these amendments to BritBase. For those wish to apply amendments to their databases without having to download the games again, here's the solution. All games which you have downloaded for a player from this site named D or DM or David Wise which were played in the 1960s and 1970s (in particular the British Championships of 1971, 1973, 1974 and 1976) should be ascribed to Derek M Wise (1949-2010). And all games downloaded from here for the 1980s onwards with one of these names should be ascribed to David Wise (b 1956). (Please note that these names have frequently been confused in various contemporary sources. There is no third player with games from this era called David M Wise. Note also that David Wise has also sometimes been referred to erroneously as David A Wise. He has no middle name.)
13/09/17 Thanet Open 2017 Alan Merry All 30 games from the traditional August event, plus a crosstable. My thanks to Kevin Thurlow.
24/08/17 Isle of Man Index - You may notice that I have added another item to the left-hand menu, which leads to a new page indexing all the Isle of Man material which I have amassed here. There are now games viewers for all 16 Monarch Assurance tournaments (1992-2007), with crosstables and results where known, plus the current PokerStars/Chess.com Masters (2014-2016). I have also rescued many old web pages relating to the Monarch Assurances events from 2001 to 2007 when I was the tournament webmaster, with daily reports, photos, etc.
16/08/17 Correction to a player name - I have made a correction to a player's name - Miss M Henniker-Heaton, who played in a number of British Championships between 1946 and her death in 1972 had the full name Mary Araluen Elizabeth Anne Henniker-Heaton (and not Monica as previously given here). As the name is overlong, I have reduced it to Mary Araluen E A Henniker-Heaton in the PGN downloads. Corrections have been made to all the relevant files here, and if you wish to correct the name on your databases, you will find one of her games in each of the 1946 and 1969 British Championship downloads. Biographical note - her date of birth was 26 Nov 1904 and date of death 31 Jan 1972 (died in Sydenham, Kent).
09/08/17 British Championship 2017 and Subsidiary Events Gawain Jones All 455 games from the 104th British Championship, played in Llandudno, plus the six play-off games. On a separate page may be found 2,435 games from the subsidiary events (Major Open, Senior, Junior Championships, etc), with tournament titles and names tidied up, and some crosstables. My thanks to the tournament game inputters.
09/08/17 British Championship 2016 and Subsidiary Events Mickey Adams Rather belatedly, all 471 games from the 103rd British Championship, played in Bournemough in 2016. On a separate page may be found 2,693 games from the subsidiary events (Major Open, Seniors, Junior Championships, etc), with tournament titles and names tidied up, and some crosstables. My thanks to the tournament game inputters.
09/07/17 De Montfort Bell King's Place Rapidplay 2017 Luke McShane (on tie-break), Stephen Gordon, Richard Bates 30 games taken directly from the electronic boards and kindly supplied by David Clayton. Please note that, since this was a rapidplay, there would have been no scoresheets to refer to, hence some scores may be incomplete or inaccurate.
04/05/16 4NCL 1993/94 Invicta Knights 204 of the 240 possible games from the first season of the 4NCL (British Team Chess League). I input these games myself more than a decade ago but have now given them a make-over to include team data and make them viewable online. Hopefully someone from ChessBase will see this entry and improve the way the games are presented on Mega/Big Database (as a spurious tournament called 'London op'). 36 games are missing from the second weekend of the season, held in Bolton. If anyone has any leads to the discovery of these games, please let me know.
03/05/16 London Central YMCA (Centymca) Games, 1968-76 - These games have been input from the bulletin The Centymca Story by Jimmy Adams, published in 1976, which I have supplemented with a few more relevant games sourced from elsewhere. Games input without notes for the most part. For further details of what the file contains, click on the link. Updated 9/10/15 - 174 games. Updated 03/05/16 with the addition of a game lost by Korchnoi at a simul in Luton in 1976. Thanks to Mark McCready. Now 175 games.
28/04/16 Colin Crouch Celebration Congress 2016 J. Vakhidov 183 games of the April 2016 Masters tournament held in Harrow in memory of the late IM Colin Crouch. Also 40 games from the intermediate tournament and 53 games of the English Senior Championship held alongside. My thanks to David Sedgwick for sending me the games. Link to the official tournament website.
27/04/16 British Championship 1955 Golombek 76 of a possible 198 games, plus 1 game fragment and 4 games from other sections. Full results and crosstables.
26/04/16 1955 British Championship bulletin - A PDF (2MBs) of the official 1955 BCF Congress bulletin, with reports, results and some games from the year's British Championship events. The congress was held in Aberystwyth and the title won by Golombek. All the games have long since been input and have already appeared on BritBase.
26/04/16 British Championship 1954 Barden / Phillips 74 of a possible 165 games, plus 3 game fragments, 13 games from other sections and the 10 games of the Barden-Phillips play-off match. Full results and crosstables.
26/04/16 British Championship 1925 HE Atkins 54 of the 66 games played in the 1925 British Chess Championship, played in Stratford-upon-Avon. I have input complete games from rounds 2-8 from the Tinsley notebooks, kindly lent by Tony Gillam, and a number of these won't have seen the light of day until now. Others sourced from newspapers and elsewhere, with the assistance of Gerard Killoran. There are also 13 games from the subsidiary tournaments, plus three crosstables and results of lower sections. Originally uploaded 13.03.16. * Updated 14.03.16 with one extra game, plus tidied up references to which games come from the Tinsley notebooks, etc. Updated 15/03/16 with five more games contributed by Gerard Killoran - 1 in the Major Open (Morrison-Znosko-Borovsky), 1 in the Women's Championship (Houlding-Gilchrist) and three from lower sections. Many thanks, Gerard. Updated 30/03/16 with three further Major Open games (Lean-Watts, Rd 5; Znosko-Borovsky-Atkinson, Rd 10; Short-Drewitt, Rd 11), for which many thanks. Updated 12/04/16 with one championship game (Spencer-Saunders, Rd 9) and three games from the Major Open, all of which were in BCM. I have also tightened up some of the source references (as I did for the 1924 file). Updated 26/04/16: Roger Watson has unearthed Winter-Yates (Rd 11) from a Czech newspaper. Many thanks, Roger.
24/04/16 1954 BCF Championship Bulletin - A PDF of the official 1954 BCF Congress bulletin, with reports, results and some games from the year's British Championship events.
21/04/16 British Championship 1928 FD Yates 37 of the 66 games played in the 1928 British Championship, played in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Also, 9 games from the Major Open, 2 from the Women's Championship and 2 others from subsidiary events. The Tinsley notebooks were available for rounds 9-11 so the games from those rounds are complete. Many thanks to Tony Gillam and Gerard Killoran for their help with this. With this post, Britbase now features all the readily available games for all the pre-WW2 British Championships from 1904 to 1938 (after which there was no Championship proper until 1946). Note that the easiest way to browse them is via the British Championship page, clicking on the link against the year in the second column. Updated 21.04.16 to include a game from the First-Class section, plus an updated score of Wright-Menchik (Major Open). Many thanks to Brian Denman.
19/04/16 British Championship 1931 Yates Now includes 30 complete championship games, plus 3 part-games, plus 21 games from Major Open (won by Vera Menchik), etc. Thanks to Gerard Killoran. Updated 16 Jan 2016: final move of Thomas-Sultan Khan (R6) corrected. Thanks to Andy Ansel. Updated 19/04/16 to include the Major Open game Menchik-Seitz (Rd 2 - many thanks to Tony Gillam). I have corrected the round number of Seitz-Znosko-Borovsky to Rd 1, and added round numbers and dates for other Major Open games.
19/04/16 1963/64 West of England Grading List - Another submission from Ray Collett (for which many thanks). A bit hard to read in places: I've cleaned it up as far as I can.
18/04/16 1975 Scottish Grading List - Ray Collett sent me a PDF of the 1975 Scottish Grading List, which I have uploaded.
18/04/16 British Championship 1947 Golombek (after a play-off versus Broadbent) 25 of the 66 games from the 1947 British Championship in Harrogate. Also, 11 fragments of games. I'm hoping other researchers will be able to find more. By way of compensation, the six games of the Golombek/Broadbent play-off are all available and a number of games from the Major Open and the women's championship have been included. Updated 01/04/16 to include the complete score of Schenk-Aitken, Premier Rd 8. Many thanks to Andy Ansel. Updated 07/04/16 to include complete games Abrahams-Milner-Barry, Rd 3, and Thomas-Broadbent, Rd 5. Again, many thanks to Andy Ansel. Also, Thomas-Fairhurst, Rd 3, which I discovered, and three games from lower sections, found by Brian Denman, for which many thanks. Updated 18/04/16, with a further nine games played by William Fairhurst, from Alan McGowan's Fairhurst collection. Many thanks to Alan.
17/04/16 Mir Sultan Khan - 182 games, plus part-games and stubs, by the legendary Indian/Pakistani player Mir Sultan Khan (c1905-66), who played most of his chess whilst residing in the UK between 1929 and 1933. As of the date of posting (26/02/16), it is probably the most comprehensive collection of Sultan Khan's games currently online, though there are gaps that still need to be filled. Updated 27/03/16 to include a game played against Vera Menchik in a county match, 14 Nov 1931. Many thanks to Brian Denman. Note that a list of previous updates to this file is located under the games viewer. Updated 17/04/16 with Sultan Khan's last-round game against William Fairhurst from the 1932 British Championship. Many thanks to Alan McGowan. I've also just found most of the Yates game from the 1932 Cambridge Premier (Rd 6).
17/04/16 British Championship 1950 R.J. Broadbent 56* complete games out of a possible 198, plus 17 game fragments and 5* complete games from the Major Open. Originally posted 16.04.16. Updated 17.04.16 to include a further ten games played by William Fairhurst (many thanks to Alan McGowan) and three more games from the Major Open (many thanks to Brian Denman).
12/04/16 British Championship 1948 RJ Broadbent 19 of the 66 games of the 1948 British Championship, held at Bishopsgate, London, plus several game fragments, and 15 games from the subsidiary sections. This was the last British Championship to be held on an all-play-all basis. First posted 11/04/16. Updated 12/04/16: Andy Ansel has found some more moves for the game Hooper-J.Penrose. Thanks, Andy. And Brian Denman has contributed two games from minor sections. Thanks, Brian.
11/04/16 1930 Canterbury Sir George Thomas A strong eight-player all-play-all, held in the Crypt(!) at St Augustine's College, Canterbury, in April 1930. 16 out of 28 games, plus 1 part-game and 5 games from subsidiary events. This tournament is already to be found on ChessBase and in one of Tony Gillam's rare/unpublished tournament booklets but I have found one additional complete game - Price-Yates, Rd 2. A photo and crosstables appended.
07/04/16 Nottingham 1936 Botvinnik, Capablanca All 105 games of this famous event, originally posted here in 1999 and given round numbers and dates on 06/07/12. As it is one of Britain's most important chess tournaments ever, I have gone over it again and included contemporary source references, checking the game scores as I went through the file. This process has turned up a number of discrepancies with versions of games which appear generally on commercial and online databases compared to older printed sources (for example, Bogoljubow-Botvinnik seems to feature a wrong move in all online versions of the game; as does Vidmar-Bogoljubow, Rd 6). I have documented these discrepancies in situ. I have also added details of newspaper references to incidents (e.g. Capablanca-Alekhine, Rd 2, and the analytical discussions following Winter-Capablanca, Rd 12) and some biographical items. I have added 39 games from subsidiary events, including the two very strong Major Opens which were held alongside. Updated 07/04/16 to include six more games from the Major Open and subsidiary events, making 45 in all. My thanks to Brian Denman.
07/04/16 British Championship 1946 Robert Forbes Combe All 66 games, plus 89 games from the subsidiary sections, of the 1946 British Championship, won by Scottish player Robert Forbes Combe. Results of the events, full names of the players, press cuttings and photos. Updated 28/03/16 to include seven more games played by Ron Bruce in the 4th section of the 1946 Major Open, taken from the Ron Bruce file input by Bob Jones and Bill Frost some time ago. This enabled me to work out round numbers and dates for other games played in the 4th Major Open section. Updated 07/04/16 to add three games from the First and Second Clas sections - thanks to Brian Denman.
06/04/16 Middlesex County Championship 1970 Paul F Timson All the available games of the 1970 Middlesex County Individual Championship 1969, a ten-player all-play-all won by Paul Timson ahead of a strong field. The tournament was played over the course of six months, between March and September 1970. I'm afraid I cannot remember who sent me the bulletin! I think it might have been Simon Spivack - whoever it was, many thanks.
06/04/16 Middlesex County Championship 1969 Ken Rogoff All the available games of the 1969 Middlesex County Individual Championship 1969, a ten-player all-play-all won by Ken Rogoff ahead of a strong field. The tournament was played over the course of six months, between March and September 1969. I'm afraid I cannot remember who sent me the bulletin! I think it might have been Simon Spivack - whoever it was, many thanks.
04/04/16 British Championship 1920 Roland Henry Vaughan Scott New item as of 26 February 2016... 27 of the 66 games of the 1920 British Championship, held in Edinburgh. Also included are 5 games from the Major Open (won by Abraham Speyer), 6 from the Ladies' Championship (won after a play-off by Agnes Stevenson) and 9 more from subsidiary sections. Many thanks to Gerard Killoran for his help in assembling these. Updated 09/03/16 with a few more games in each category. Updated 25/03/16: another game from the subsidiary sections (Holloway-Osborn). Updated 04/04/16 to add two championship games: Middleton-Gibson (Rd 1) and Blake-Mackenzie (Rd 2). Contributed by Brian Denman, for which many thanks.
03/04/16 Bolton Easter Congress 1952 S. Milan 54 games from the Bolton Easter Congress of 1952. All the games of the Premier, plus some from other sections. They were input from an excellent bulletin produced by BL Wilkinson. I have also included crosstables and results, plus a 1972 obituary of BL Wilkinson. Many thanks to Mike Conroy for sending me a copy of the bulletin and obituary. I have now made a PDF of the bulletin available: 1952 Bolton Easter Congress
30/03/16 Korrection Korner - A couple of notable games on your database may need fixing - click on the link and navigate to Bogoljubow-Botvinnik and Winter-Capablanca, both played at the famous Nottingham 1936 tournament. Big/Mega Database 2016 has the scores of these games wrong.
26/03/16 Blackpool Premier 1944 David Hooper 10 of the 15 games in this six-player round-robin. Hooper 3½, Wahltuch 3, Rhodes, Abarhams, Gurnhill 2½, Mieses 1. Reports from the Manchester Guardian included as text annotations. I was inspired to collect the games from this tournament following a discussion on the English Chess Forum. My thanks to David McAlister, Richard James, Kevin Thurlow who contributed game scores and information.
25/03/16 Cambridge Premier 1932 Mir Sultan Khan 18 of a possible 28 games, plus some part-games. Corrections made to some scores found on commercial databases. Originally posted 15/02/14. Updated 25/03/16 to inlude two games from the subsidiary event.
25/03/2016 British Championship 1936 W Winter 29 of a possible 66 games, plus 12 part-games. All of Frank Parr's games included, thanks to Steve Kerr. Originally uploaded 20/12/2013. Updated 01/08/15 to include ten further complete games collected and forwarded by Andy Ansel (for which many thanks). Updated 25/03/16 to include complete games Lenton-Butcher (Rd 3), Israel-Cross (Rd 1) and Butcher-Saunders (Rd 8). Many thanks to Gerard Killoran.
25/03/16 1938 British Championship CHO'D Alexander 29 of the 66 Championship games, plus 24 games from subsidiary events, results, crosstables. Updated 10/02/16: four games added, thanks to Gerard Killoran. Updated 16/02/16: Mallison-Tylor - the final move given wrongly by printed sources but correctly by Mallison himself (along with his own notes). Thanks to Andy Ansel. Updated 25/03/16: added Mallison-Menchik, plus eight games from subsidiary events. Thanks to Brian Denman. And, the same day, added Schaechter-Koenig, sent by Andy Ansel, for which many thanks. And the last few moves of Milner-Barry-Sergeant (Rd 2) added (many thanks to Gerard Killoran).
25/03/16 London-Washington Cable Match 1930 Drawn All six games of the 1930 cable match for the Insull Trophy, kindly sent by Andy Ansel. Four of the games were adjudicated. I have found a photo of the Washington players, published in a contemporary US newspaper.
24/03/16 1969 Glasgow Congress RD Keene, DNL Levy, RM McKay All 30 games of the five-round Glasgow Invitation tournament held 27-29 September 1969, plus all 30 games of the 'Candidates' tournament which ran alongside. Games input from the bulletin by Andy Ansel, for which many thanks. (Small adjustment made later the same day - 24/03/16 - to adjust the round 5 dates to 1969.09.29)
13/03/16 British Championship 1914 FD Yates 36* of the 55 games from the 1914 British Championship held in Chester just after the outbreak of the Great War, plus 26** games from that year's Major Open, 4** from the Ladies' Championship and 11** from other events. My thanks to Gerard Killoran for his initial researches into this, and also to Brian Denman for supplying some of his previously-found games. I have appended a crosstable, as usual, and also a couple of paragraphs PW Sergeant's A Century of Chess which give the background to the event and details of the aftermath. * edited 19/08/15: full score of Yates-Viner (Rd 9) now given - thanks to Gerard Killoran. edited 23/08/15 to add Louis-Wilkes (Rd 1), Sparkes-Scott (Rd 1) and Sparkes-Yates (Rd 10) - thanks to Andy Ansel. 7 more games (4 Major Open, 1 women's ch, 2 other events, supplied by Brian Denman, 19/08/15). Updated 19/02/16: Yates-Viner corrected, Watts-Schories added. Updated 24/02/16 with three new scores - Scott-Blackburne (Rd 2), Sparkes-Louis (Rd 6), Gunsberg-Louis (Rd 11), plus amendments to the scores of Viner-Schumer (Rd 6) and Viner-Wilkes (Rd 8). Many thanks to Tony Gillam. Updated 13/03/16 - 13 more games from the subsidiary events, thanks to Tony Gillam's booklet 'Tournaments of 1914'.
13/03/16 British Championship 1913 Yates 29 of the 66 games, with 37 stubs, plus 13 games from subsidiary events. Culled mainly from the Times, Manchester Guardian, Yorkshire Post, Falkirk Herald and other chess columns in regional newspapers. My thanks to Tim Harding, Gerard Killoran, Brian Denman and others who have helped to source games and supply information about names. A number of the players' real names have yet to be discovered so there is, as ever, scope for further investigation by those who enjoy these riddles. Originally uploaded on 15.08.15, updated on 13.03.16 to amend just one move - 31...Qf7 Yates-Jacobs, rd 4 (not 31...Qc7). Thanks to Andy Ansel.
08/03/16 British Championship 1934 Sir George Thomas All 66* games, plus 22 games from the Major Open, the Major Open Reserves and the Ladies' Championship. * Updated 08/03/16: the complete set of games have been taken from the Tinsley notebooks, kindly loaned by Tony Gillam. I have also found a few more games from the subsidiary events. Many thanks also to Andy Ansel and Gerard Killoran for previously having sent games from this event. I have also added some crosstables for the subsidiary events.
05/03/16 Varsity Match 2016   Cambridge won 6-2. All games now available.
25/02/16 Old-Style BCF tournament pairings - Warning: this is something which will probably be of interest only to a tiny number of chess historians - it explains (1) how the BCF used to pair its 12-player all-play-all tournaments, and (2) how this arcane information can be used by harmless drudges such as myself to discover tiny snippets of information about tournament games long ago.
17/02/16 Evening Standard Islington Open 1973 Borivoje Vujacic 89* of the games of this weekender, plus six games from subsidiary events and the London U21 Ch'p (which, strictly speaking, was a separate event). More than 2,000 players took part in this record-breaking congress, played 7-9 December. My thanks to Richard James for the loan of the bulletin. * updated to include the game Goldschmidt-Crouch.
16/02/16 Thanet Open 2013 and 2014 Martin Taylor (2013); Gordon Scott, Alan Merry (2014) 49 games and 45 games respectively of the 2013 and 2014 Thanet Opens. Many thanks to Kevin Thurlow.
21/01/16 1978 Lloyds Bank Masters P Littlewood, J Peters, Y Rantanen 184 games from the 2nd Lloyds Bank Masters. Some additions and corrections as compared with Mega/Big Database, plus round numbers and dates. Also available is a PDF of the complete bulletin, with crosstables, results, norms and an article by Leonard Barden. Updated 21/01/15: Five more games contributed by Andy Ansel, for which many thanks.
20/01/16 1988 Oakham International James Howell All 235 games of this strong young masters event, won by James Howell ahead of an impressive field, including Michael Adams, Boris Gelfand, Ivan Sokolov, etc. There is also a very comprehensive bulletin in PDF format.
19/01/16 1985 Lloyds Bank Masters A Belyavsky 182 games from the 9th Lloyds Bank Masters, won by Alexander Belyavsky. Amongst the also-ran competitors in this event was the 15-year-old future world champion Vishy Anand. One additional game to those that appear on Mega/Big Database, plus various corrections, round numbers and dates. Also available is a PDF of the complete bulletin, with crosstables, results, norms and prizes.
18/01/16 Midland Ch, Forrest Cup 1986 K Arkell, C Baker, G Lawton 55 games from the bulletin of the 1986 Midland (MCCU) Individual Championship (Forrest Cup), held in Derby. Bulletin provided by Neil Graham - many thanks.
16/01/16 Dragon (Cambridge University CC Bulletin), Michaelmas 1971 - A PDF of Dragon, the bulletin of Cambridge University Chess Club, for Michaelmas 1971 (Vol. 13, No.37), with 14 games to play through here.
16/01/16 Tradewise Hastings Masters 2015/16 Mista, Vakhidov All 358 games, from the official website. Incidentally, I have added the games played therein by Bernard Cafferty to his individual player file.
12/01/16 British Championship 1968 Penrose All 198 games from the bulletin, plus 101 games from subsidiary events. Updated 12/01/16 to include the game A.Miles-J.Nunn (from John Nunn's Secrets of Grandmaster Chess).
12/01/16 British Championship 1967 Penrose This one has been here for a very long time, and previously updated to include all dates and full names. But recently, to my horror, I noticed that three games had wrong results recorded. As a result, every database in the world seems to have the same three errors! The correct results are as follows: Parr-Gilbert (R1) 1-0 (not 0-1); Horton-Ludgate (R2) 1-0 (not 0-1); Whiteley-N.Littlewood (R4) 1-0 (not ½-½). I've a feeling I may have been the person who originally input the games from the bulletin, many years ago. It underlines the importance, after inputting all the games, of using ChessBase's tournament crosstable facility to check results against published crosstables (which is how I picked up the errors). I have also taken the opportunity to update a few names and generally tidy up, making the file viewable, etc. If anyone can supply full forenames (rather than initials) for players, please let me know. Note that there are 198 games from the Championship (complete), two from the Ladies' Championship, 28 from the Major Open, 37 from the U21, 41 from the U18, 40 from the U16, and six from the U14. I've also included full results of all sections and a photo of Norman Littlewood and Dinah Dobson I found in the Times. Updated 12/01/16 to include the game L.Marks-J.Nunn (from John Nunn's Secrets of Grandmaster Chess).
29/10/15 University Chess Annual (1950 - 1953/4) - I have uploaded PDFs of the four issues of University Chess Annual, which was a 20+ page booklet published by the British Universities Chess Association (BUCA). The PDFs may be found here. I have also uploaded a games viewer will all 92 games and part-games to be found in these four issues. Game Viewer.
26/10/15 PDFs and Documents - I have introduced a new menu item on the left-hand side of the website: PDFs. I will occasionally be making available PDFs of scanned chess documents in my possession, such as old bulletins, grading lists and indexes. It's as much for my own convenience as anything (as I get tired of rifling through old files and papers looking for things), but the files may be of interest or benefit to other chess researchers and antiquarians.
25/10/15 British Universities (BUCA) Individual and Team Championships 1970 Simon Webb; London University 1 All the games from the 1970 British Universities Chess Association (BUCA) Bulletin 1970. Andy Ansel has kindly input the 72 games of the individual championship, while I have input the 163 games of the Team Championship. Results of the events are appended. Many thanks to Andy Ansel.
15/10/15 Thanet Open 2012 Martin Taylor All 55 games, sent to me by Kevin Thurlow, for which many thanks.
14/10/15 Ilford Open 1973 Alan Phillips 39 games from the 1973 Ilford Open, published in the bulletin of the 24th Ilford Congress, 25-28 May 1973, held at the Ilford County High School for Girls. Congress hon.sec. was P Rosenberg, chief controller David Eustace and adjudicator Bob Wade (yes, no quickplay finish in those days). Originally uploaded 11/10/15, updated 14/10/15 to correct forename of Helman to 'Amir' (and not 'Abraham').
09/10/15 Bayswater Open 1971 Barden, Blackstock 47 of the 60 games of the 3rd Bayswater Open, played 11-13 June 1971, from a bulletin published by Jimmy Adams.
08/10/15 Young England vs USSR Rapidplay 1976 USSR by 12½-5½ All 18 games of the Young England vs USSR (Scheveningen system) match between three young English players, Michael Stean, David Goodman and Jonathan Mestel, and three Soviet GMs, Viktor Korchnoi, David Bronstein and Mark Taimanov. The time limit was 25 minutes per player per game. It was played at the offices of chess publishers B.T. Batsford on 24 January 1976. The games already appear on Mega/Big Database but I have added dates and round numbers, etc.
08/09/15 New Blog Posts: Kate Belinda Finn and Grace Moore Curling. - Whilst researching games for Britbase, I often come across historical snippets which are worth sharing. So I've revived my blog to feature some of these chess snippets. Today I've compiled two posts on early British women's champions Kate Belinda Finn and Grace Moore Curling. Both have new items of biographical information which don't seem to have emerged previously.
06/09/15 British Championship 2013: Other Events Various 1,715 games from subsidiary events at the 2013 British in Torquay, from the website but with names tidied up and standardised. The round 5 games from the Five-Day Week 2 morning tournament are missing (faulty link on the official site) but the games are otherwise complete.
06/09/15 British Championship 1908 Atkins All 66 games, sourced mainly from BCM. Not new - this file has been on Britbase for years - but it contains a significant amendment made to Palmer-Blackburne, Rd 11, which had been misprinted in the contemporary BCM in which the games appeared. My thanks to Tim Harding for pointing this out and providing the correct score. Added 6/9/15, two games from subsidiary events, many thanks to Gerard Killoran and Brian Denman.
06/09/15 British Championship 1909 Atkins All 62 games played in the main championship (first posted here in 2013 - n.b. EG Sergeant missed 4 rounds through illness), plus three games from the play-off match between Atkins and Blake, to which I have now added 16 games from the subsidiary events, for which many thanks to Gerard Killoran. And, the same day, two more games from Brian Denman - many thanks.
30/08/15 New Feature: Player Collections - More of a tidying-up operation, but with one new item. Britbase already featured game collections of Peter C Griffiths, Bernard Cafferty and the late Ian Wells but I've now collected them together on a separate page, with the addition with a small file of games by my old Bucks county colleague Barry Sandercock. I'd like to feature more players here - any offers? JS
27/08/15 1961 Grading List - Not games, but the 1961 BCF Grading List as published by the British Chess Federation and reproduced in the January 1962 BCM. It has the bulk of players then graded in England Wales. A key to the then grading list is included at the end.
23/08/15 Yates-Palmer match, Bradford, 1911 Yates All 3 games of a short match between FD Yates and Rev. WC Palmer, held in Bradford, 2-4 October 1911. The Rev. Palmer was domiciled in Trinidad and craved top-level competition whilst he was on leave in the UK. He had done very well to finish 3rd at the 1911 British Championship but he lost all three of what had originally been scheduled as a five-game match. My thanks to Roger Watson for supplying the games.
10/08/15 London Training Tournament 1965 Mike Basman All 14 games of a six-player training tournament held in London in 1965, featuring Mike Basman, Ray Keene, Owen Hindle, Bill Hartston, Bob Wade and Graham Chesters. It preceded a junior team tournament in which four of the above represented England. My thanks to Andy Ansel for the games.
10/08/15 Glorney Cup 1975 England All 90 games of the Glorney Cup (Junior six-nation championship over six-boards), held in Carmarthen. My thanks to Andy Ansel for supplying the games. * Edited 13/08/15 to correct names of Jonathan Benjamin, Peter Varley and Paul Hadden. My thanks to Richard James for the info.
09/08/15 2015 British Championship Jonathan Hawkins All 405 games from the tournament website. Note that Hawkins-Arkell, Rd 11, is shown correctly here with the last move as 26...Rd4 (followed by resignation). There may be other instances of LMS (last move syndrome) - I would be grateful if readers could let me know and I'll fix them.

Tinsley notebooks: I am grateful to Tony Gillam for loaning me his photocopies of the Tinsley notebooks. Edward Samuel Tinsley (1869-1937) was the Times chess columnist from 1903 to his death in 1937 and he kept notebooks of games from the many tournaments he visited. I am hugely grateful to Tony Gillam for lending me this valuable repository of chess games, and it will keep me busy for months inputting and uploading the games. You can expect to see regular updates here. The batch of photocopies I received from Tony includes the following: (1) British Championship, Southsea 1923, Rds 1-11; (2) British Championship, Southport 1924: Rds 1-11 + other games (Ladies Ch); (3) British Championship, Stratford 1925: Rds 2-8; (4) British Championship, Edinburgh 1926: Rds 1-7 + 3 other games; (5) British Championship, Chester 1934: Rds 1-11; (6) Inter-university match 1924, 1925, 1927?, 1929; (7) University Cable match 1924; (8) English Counties Final 1926; (9) London v Washington, cable match 1928; (10) Northumberland v Staffs, year?; + several other games; (11) two games by CHOD Alexander in Boys’ Tournament, year?

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