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Posted Tournament Title & Year Winner Contributor, Notes
24/07/15 2014 British - Other Events Various Even more handy, perhaps: all 2,013 games from the other events at last year's Aberystwyth congress. I've done my best to sort out the various errors found (including games dated in the future!). EDIT: the game Clucas-Davison amended, 8 August 2015.
24/07/15 2013 British Championship David Howell All 579 games from the 2013 British Championship in Torquay.
24/07/15 2012 British Championship Gawain Jones All 352 games, plus two Jones-Gordon play-off games.
24/07/15 2011 British Championship Michael Adams All 471 games, plus two Adams-Short play-off games.
15/07/15 Karpov Simul, London Centymca 1972 +17, =4, -5 All 26 games of the simul which Anatoly Karpov gave against London Centynca (Central YMCA) Club on 22 January 1972 in London. These scores were input from the 69-page booklet K is for Karpov written and published by Jimmy Adams in 1974. Only a handful have appeared online previously.
10/07/15 Guardian Royal Masters, London 1973 Jan Timman All 45 games from this 10-player a.p.a. won by Timman with 7/9, 1½ ahead of Keene, Reshevsky, etc. Played at the Clarendon Court Hotel in Maida Vale, London, 11-20 December. Also, 22 games from the GRE Masters Reserves, won by Nunn, ahead of Formanek, Perkins, etc, plus six games from the accompanying Women's International won jointly by Susan Caldwell and Sheila Jackson.
06/07/15 1981 ARC Young Masters Murray Chandler 138 games (complete bar for a few moves and short draws) from the six-round 1981 ARC Young Masters tournament played in February/March 1981 in Chichester. A very strong field including Miles, Nunn, Chandler and several future GMs such as Conquest, Hebden, Arkell, Plaskett, P.Wells, Levitt, plus recently deceased Crouch, Carr, etc. Very few of these games have found their way onto commercial/online databases so this is a valuable find. Input by me from the bulletin.
06/07/15 Games of Bernard Cafferty (Viewer)

Download PGN (1.4mbs)
Originally posted here in November 2009, this PGN file originally contained around 1,410 games played by FIDE Master Bernard Cafferty (born 1934), but has now expanded to 1,889 games (five games added on 16 April 2014 - 1 from 1965 v MJ Darlow and four games from Hastings 2014/15 - and one game from 2002, versus Peter Farr, added on 6 July 2015; one game from Hastings Challengers 2003/4 added 29 July 2015, my thanks to Ray Cannon) after adding many games from the 1990-99 period, plus some games played since 2010.

Most of the games I input myself, from scoresheets and scorebooks kindly lent by Bernard himself. It is not complete - we have still to locate some material - but I have input everything that we have found so far and there may not be too much to follow. If anyone else comes across Bernard's games in publications and bulletins which are not included here, I would be grateful if they could forward them to me.

I only have a handful of the games Bernard played in the 1971 Albena tournament as Bernard has not yet been able to find his original scoresheets. Can anyone help with that? This has been quite a time-consuming project for me - I hope you enjoy it. N.B. the PGN file is 1.4mbs in size.
08/03/15 Varsity Oxford Cambridge 2015 Drawn All eight games, plus report and photos, all supplied by me.
30/04/2014 2006 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man Areshchenko (on tie-break from Volkov) Complete web reports and results as originally webmastered by me, plus link through to games viewer.
29/04/2014 2007 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man Six-way tie Complete web reports and results as originally webmastered by me, plus link through to games viewer.
29/04/2014 2004 World Senior Team Championship Germany, Israel I have resurrected this old page and will be doing so with more of my archive of chess news pages from 1998 to 2010 in due course. Games viewer and PGN can be found here.
29/04/2014 British Champions, 1904-present   I've given this page a make-over as part of the upgrade of the site. It now features links to Wikipedia biographies, full names of champions and sortable columns.
08/03/2014 Varsity Oxford Cambridge 2014 Drawn All eight games, plus report and photos, all supplied by me.
19/02/2014 World Under-26 Team Championship 1978, Mexico England 432 games (many blanks, unfortunately) from the 1978 World Under-26 Team Championship, won by a five-player England team in Mexico City. Breaking the BritBase rule as regards location but a notable English success which deserves to be recorded. Most of the games come from Olimpbase, for which I am grateful to Wojtek Bartelski. I have added team names, etc. LATER: MORE GAMES FOUND - SO THIS WILL BE ADDED TO BRITBASE ONCE THEY ARE ALL INPUT.
20/12/2013 Hastings 1931/32 Sal Flohr 45 games (not complete).
n.b. I am aware that many of the links below currently do not function. The website is currently being given a make-over to eliminate outdated Java code and other software and being converted to use PGN4WEB software to display games. This is an ongoing task which will take some considerable time to complete. In the meantime, links to download PGNs and zip files should still work.
07/10/2013 4NCL Team Rapidplay Barbican 1 113 games. Played at Daventry, 5 Oct 2013. 112 games.
07/10/2013 4NCL Individual Rapidplay Mark Hebden 111 games. Played at Daventry. Mark Hebden won on tiebreak from David Smerdon and Marcus Harvey, 6/7.
13/03/2013 Varsity Match 2013 Cambridge Long radio silence here! But now I'm retired from regular magazine editing, you can expect to see more activity soon. Games of the latest Oxford-Cambridge match, plus a report and photos.
11/07/11 e2e4 Irish Championship 2011 Stephen Brady All 155 games, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt. Report here.
11/07/11 Varsity Match 2011 Oxford All eight games, keyed in by me. Report here.
20/12/10 Viktor Korchnoi Simuls, London 2010   Simuls given during the London Chess Classic on 9 and 14 December. His scores were (9 Dec) +20, =4, -1 and (14 Dec) +23, =3, -3. We have 11 games of the first simul and all 29 of the games from the second. Games keyed by me.
29/11/10 European Union Championship 2008 Jan Werle All 705 games from the Liverpool event. It's just been pointed out to me that it wasn't on the website - and I was the onsite game inputter! Culpa mea - anyway, it's here now.
25/11/10 e2e4 Brighton Congress Keith Arkell All 106 games from the Open and 97 from the Major, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt of
18/11/10 Hampshire Individual and Major Champ's Mike Yeo All 59 games of the Championship and 52 games of the Major competition. Thanks to Arthur Brameld.
13/11/10 Guernsey Holiday 2010 Pieter Sandijck All 163 games of the subsidiary event at Guernsey, sent by Arthur Brameld. Many thanks.
09/11/10 Leicestershire County Championship 2010 Alan Byron All 47 games, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt.
09/11/10 Paignton Premier 2010 Keith Arkell All 161 games, from the Chess Devon website.
09/11/10 HE Atkins Memorial, Leicester Open 2010 Mark Hebden All 91 games, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt. Many thanks.
09/11/10 Guernsey Open 2010 Nick Pert All 207 games, sent by Arthur Brameld. Many thanks.
09/11/10 Lloyds Bank Masters 1993 Jon Speelman 522 games (plus 17 blanks to enable an accurate crosstable to be generated for the top 20 players). Most of these games appear on Mega/Big Databases but with quite a large number of errors which I have attempted to correct. I've also added my own games and those of Bernard Cafferty. If anyone else has games from this tournament, I would be happy to add them to the file.
07/09/10 Paignton Premier 2007 Keith Arkell All 141 games. Keith Arkell very kindly provided corrections for two of his games, against French and Lewyk.
24/08/10 London Festival Open 2009 Jon Ludvig Hammer 508 games from the Festival Open, played alongside the London Chess Classic at Olympia. Games input by Tim Dickenson and Jack Rudd, for which many thanks. Later: 1 game added - Summerscale-Collyer, Round 6
03/08/10 British Chess Champions 1904-2010 I am keeping this list up to date as the British Championships proceeds in Canterbury. Official website:
30/03/10 Uxbridge Open and Major 2010 Jovanka Houska (open); Nicholas Savage (major) All 96 games from the Open and 95 games from the Major - both tournaments played 19-21 March 2010. My thanks to Sean Hewitt of for supplying the games
30/03/10 Uxbridge Internationals 2010 Six tournaments (winners include K Arkell & D Gormally) All the games from five 10-player all-play-all events played 13-17 February 2010. My thanks to Sean Hewitt of for providing all 225 games from these events.
29/03/10 British Universities' Team Championship 2010 Bath All 132 games from the BUCA (British Universities Chess Association) Team Championship, revived after a lapse of several years. My thanks to Alex Holowczak and Adam Raoof for the games.
06/03/10 Varsity Match 2010 Drawn All eight games, input by me.
20/01/10 Hastings 2009/10 Istratescu, Hebden, Howell, Edouard All games, input by Steve Giddins (for which, many thanks). Originally posted on 06/01/10 - game 3.30 (Almond-Safarian) amended to show 33...Nd3 (not 33...Nd7). My thanks to Richard Almond for pointing this out.
20/01/10 Coulsdon Xmas 2009 Jack Rudd All 45 games, kindly supplied by Keith Selby and Scott Freeman.
06/01/10 Thanet Open 2009 Four-way tie All 77 games, kindly supplied by Kevin Thurlow.
02/01/10 London Chess Classic 2009 Magnus Carlsen 28 games from the category 18 event played at Kensington Olympia (the strongest tournament in London for a quarter of a century). Official website:
02/01/10 London Festival Women's International 2009 Arianne Caoili 45 games from the Women's International tournament played alongside the London Chess Classic at Olympia. Games input by Tim Dickenson and Jack Rudd, for which many thanks.
23/11/09 Hampshire Individual 2009 Dominic Tunks, Mike Yeo & Steven Kawuma All 80 games, keyed and sent by Arthur Brameld (for which, many thanks)
23/11/09 Guernsey Open & Holiday Open 2009 Tiger Hillarp Persson (open)
John Gibson (Holiday)
All games from both sections, keyed and sent by Arthur Brameld (for which, many thanks)
07/06/09, amended, corrected 1/11/09 Games of Peter C Griffiths A nice new feature for Britbase: rather than a tournament database, this is a collection of games by a notable player. The player in question is Peter C Griffiths (born 1946) who was a strong amateur player (of about 2250-2300 strength) from the early 1960s to 1989 when he gave up competitive chess. This database of 1,008 games was prepared by Matthew Tapp from scores made available by Peter Griffiths. Matthew has done a splendid job and I am indebted to him for making this file available for publication on Britbase. Latest (1 Nov 2009): One game added to the games PC Griffiths played at the 1968 Staffordshire Open (v DW Anderton) and another one amended (he didn't lose to MJ Basman in round 2, he drew with AJ Sutton).
   Note that Mega Database 2009 purports to have 106 games played by Peter Griffiths but in fact the ones they have dated 1991 and after were actually played by Paul V Griffiths (born 1976) and not Peter C Griffiths.
   I would be interested in featuring game files for other notable British players (rated 2200 and above at their peak) should these become available. Any offers?
19/10/09 Uxbridge Open, Sept 2009 Alexei Slavin, James Adair All 148 games, kindly provided by Sean Hewitt.
18/10/09, corrected 02/10/09 & 18/10/09 Paignton Premier 2009 Keith Arkell All 169 games from the 'Ron Bruce' Premier. My thanks to Bill Frost for the games. Corrected (02/10/09): corrections made to scores of Surtees-Hickman (rd 6), Gill-Arkell (rd 6) and Arkell-Berry (rd 7). My thanks to John Hickman and Keith Arkell. Corrected (18/10/09): corrections to the scores of Hurwitz-Almond (Rd 1) and Almond-Rosen (Rd 6). My thanks to Richard Almond for the information.
18/10/09 British Championship 1932 Mir Sultan Khan 46 games (including five part-games) from the 1932 British Champion, plus some games from the 1932 Major Open. It includes an extra game, Jackson-CHO'D Alexander (round 9), found by Brian Denman in the Times. Many thanks to Brian for this.
13/10/09 Isle of Man Congress 2009 Piotr Bobras All the games from the Open, Major and Minor Sections, courtesy of Glenn Cross - many thanks.
18/09/09 Ilford Premier 1965 Hartston, N.Littlewood & Fazekas All 15 games from the Ilford Premier (1-3 Hartston, N.Littlewood, Fazekas 3½/5, 4 Wade 2½, 5 J.Littlewood 1½, 6 Franklin ½), kindly contributed by Ian Hunnable, archivist of the Ilford Congress. Ian's source was a contemporary issue of the Essex Chess Bulletin. I have added five more games from subsidiary events, sourced from various places. My thanks to Ian Hunnable and Ivor Smith (who lent Ian the bulletin). Ian has started an excellent online history of the Ilford Congress here. He is looking for further contributions and I do hope that Britbase readers can help him with this interesting project.
18/09/09 Hastings Challengers 1977/78 A(M?) Balshan 16 games, altogether (a tiny fraction of the total played, of course). All ten games played by Yasser Seirawan from this event, plus six played by other players. Phil Adams did the detective work on the Seirawan games. They are given on Mega Database but incorrectly attributed to "NWC" events played in 1979 but they are definitely from Hastings Challengers 1977/78 - Seirawan's own report of this event may be read online here (PDF file) and, as Phil says, it's a very good read. As for the other six games, I have sourced them from StarBase 4.56 (having made a few corrections and adjustments). My thanks to Phil Adams.
30/08/09 2nd Jessie Gilbert Celebration International 2009 Alexei Slavin All games of the IM norm and Challengers events. My thanks to Scott Freeman and Keith Selby for the games.
19/08/09 Big Slick Open 2009 Jonathan Rowson Keyed in by me from scoresheets provided by David Sedgwick.
17/08/09 Staunton Memorial 2009 (UK-NED) UK 26½, NED 23½ All 50 games, from the official website.
17/08/09 Staunton Memorial 2009 GM Tournament Jan Timman All 45 games, from the official website.
17/08/09 Uxbridge Internationals 2009 Six all-play-all events. Igor Rausis won the A group, Arun Prasad the B group and Danny Gormally the C group. All 278 games from these separate all-play-all events, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt.
08/08/09 British Championship 2009 David Howell All the games from the official website and corrected by me. BritBase has a historical list of British Champions, 1904-2009.
27/07/09 Leicester International, July 2009 Karl Potter, Pablo Padilla, Alan Byron All 28 games, kindly supplied by Sean Hewitt.
24/07/09 6th South Wales International 2009 Julian Radulski All 219 games (a handful are blanks) from the tournament website (
15/07/09 Yeovil Open 2009 1-2 Sherwin, Salimbeni All 51 games from the Open, plus another 125 from the subsidiary sections. My thanks to Jack Rudd for supplying the games.
27/06/09 1st Big Slick GM Tournament 2009 1-2 Alex Cherniaev and Keith Arkell All 45 games, supplied by Simon Williams
13/05/09 Leicestershire County Championship 2008 Brandon Clarke All 48 games from last year's county championship, won sensationally by 122-graded youngster Brandon Clarke. Make a note of that name... my thanks to Sean Hewitt for the games.
13/05/09 Uxbridge Open 2009 Mark Hebden All 116 games of this open, played in February. My thanks to Sean Hewitt for the games. If you prefer, you may view or download games from one of Sean's tournaments using ChessTheatre directly from
13/05/09 Southend Open 2009 Adam Ashton All 206 games, taken from the Southend Chess Club website. I have set the games into the new-style viewer page.
13/05/09 Southend Speigel Memorial 2009 John Emms / Simon Williams All 28 games, taken from the Southend Chess Club website. Three of the games required corrections: I have reset the games into the new-style viewer page.
12/05/09 Frome Open 2009 1-4th James Sherwin, Michael Franklin, Alex Galliano, Ieuan Ward All 76 games sent by Jack Rudd, for which many thanks. I am using a new viewer for this file. If you are interested in the technical details, click here.
01/05/09 British Chess Champions 1904-2008   This is a list of British Chess Champions which I compiled some years ago and still keep up to date. Note dated 03/05/09 - Brian Denman has kindly contributed fuller names for two of the early women's champions - Frances Dunn Herring (née Gwilliam) and Miss Minnie Musgrave.
20/04/09 Coulsdon Easter GM/IM 2009 Colin McNab All 91 games of this 14-player category 6 norm tournament. Jan Lundin secured his second IM norm (9/10 rounds) and Jovica Radovanovic his 4th (9 rounds). My thanks to Scott Freeman and Keith Selby for the games which also include the subsidiary event.
16/04/09 West of England Open 2009 David Cutmore All 67 games (plus 12 byes) of the WECU Open held in Exmouth over the Easter weekend. My thanks to Bill Frost for the games.
15/04/09 Spectrum Guernsey 2009 Peter Kirby All 26 games from the 4th Spectrum Guernsey Open, keyed and sent by Kevin Thurlow - for which, many thanks.
15/04/09 Welsh Championship 2009 Ioan Rees / Richard Jones All 103 games from the championship, plus 79 from the major and 89 from the minor tournaments. My thanks to John Thornton for supplying the games.
15/04/09 East Devon Open 2009 Bob Eames All games from the tournament, played 6-8 March. My thanks to Bill Frost.
15/04/09 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge 2009 Oxford All eight games, in put by me.
16/01/09 Civil Service Championship 2008 Darryl Wolstencroft All 35 games of this event, played in Leeds in July 2008. My thanks to Kevin Thurlow for sending the game. A full report on the tournament is available.
06/01/09 Hastings Masters 2008/9 Igor Kurnosov All games (one blank which may yet be filled). Thanks to the Hastings inputter Steve Giddins. Correction (17/02/09): the game Juciute-Barton (round 4) has been corrected - 34 Rg1 should be 34 Rh1. My thanks to Bernard Cafferty.
30/12/08 Kings Head International 1982 Jonathan Tisdall All 45 of the games keyed in by me from the bulletin. 1 J Tisdall 7/9, 2 M Basman 6½, 3-4 J Levitt, A Whiteley 5, 5 D Goodman 4½, 6-8 E Formanek, D Rumens, C Laird 4, 9 E Schiller 3½, 10 R Lancaster 1½. Held 31 January to 7 February 1982. Bulletin loaned by Stewart Reuben.
29/12/08 Coulsdon Winter International 2008 Ilmars Starostits All 45 of the games, keyed and sent by Jack Rudd - also the 38 games from the Challengers event. English players Rawle Allicock and Yang Fan Zhou recorded IM norms in this category 3 event.
05/12/08 Phillips & Drew Kings and Knights 1980 'Kings': Tony Miles, Viktor Korchnoi, Ulf Andersson; 'Knights': Paul van der Sterren, George Botterill All 91 games of the 'Kings' tournament (played at the GLC County Hall in London) and the 105 games of the 'Knights' tournament. The 'Kings' tournament has appeared previously on Mega/Big Base, but the very strong 'Knights' tournament (a 15-player all-player-all including four future GMs) appears here complete for the first time. Keyed in by me from a bulletin kindly lent by Stewart Reuben. Later: Corrected 06/12/08 - Larsen-Short (rd 12) - Black played 35...R3a4, not 35...R8a4 (the mistake comes from the Mega/Big Base database). The bulletin has 35...R6a4 - a typical error from the days when a lot of people were still thinking in descriptive notation - and the inputter (probably someone from a non-English-speaking country who has not been exposed to much descriptive notation) has misinterpreted. Thanks to Andy Ansel for pointing this out.
04/12/08 Hampshire Open 2007 Steven Male Kawuma All 66 games. Arthur Brameld sent me this file about a year ago but I've only just got round to putting it up - sorry!
04/12/08 Torbay Open 2008 Mike Yeo All 86 games from this event, held in Torquay, sent in by Bill Frost (for which many thanks).
04/12/08 Beacon Senior/Junior 2008 Ray Gamble and Ken Norman won the senior, Graham Blowers the 'Junior' (over 50) All 169 games from these two events (over 60 and over 50 held at Exmouth), sent by Bill Frost.
24/11/08 Milton Keynes Open 2008 Mark Hebden All 73 games (including some bye games), keyed and contributed by Sean Hewitt for which many thanks. Results and details of the tournament may be found at
24/11/08 Hampshire Open 2008 Moses Kawuma (took title), Gavin Lock) All 53 games (includes 13 byes and defaults). Thanks to Arthur Brameld for keying and sending the games. Details of the tournament may be found at
24/11/08 Guernsey Open and Holiday Open 2008
(n.b. download facility now works - apologies for earlier problems)
(Open) Tiger Hillarp Persson
(Holiday) [three-way tie]
All 238 games. Thanks to Arthur Brameld. Later: I have added the 152 games of the Guernsey Holiday tournament to this file. I particularly commend to you the 183-move game between Hershchmann and Nalikowski where the 50-move rule could have been invoked at any time between moves 89 and 152 but wasn't.
03/11/08 Paignton Premier 2008
(amended 03.11.08 - the game Regis-Hegarty (round 3) made no sense as it was - I have amended so that the score now at least makes sense - replacing 18 Bxa1 with 18 Rxa1, and 24 Ne5 with 24 Na5. I would be grateful for confirmation or further comments - JS)
Keith Arkell, Gawain Jones All 151 games. Thanks to Bill Frost for the games. Later corrections: three games have been amended from the original posting on 13/09/08 - (1) M Cutmore v Pickersgill. White's last move was 28 e6+ (not 28 d6). (2) J H Hodgson v Pickersgill. Black played 19...Kxc7 (not Rxc7). My thanks to Brian Denman for bringing this to my attention. Third amendment made on 3 Nov 08: my thanks to Doug Dean for raising a question-mark against Regis-Hegarty (round 3).
03/11/08 Liverpool op 2007
another correction to this file sent in by one of the players: A.Morton-S.Potter (round 8) has had a pair of moves inserted (19 Rc1 Qxb2).
  Thanks to Steve Potter for sending in this amendment.
28/10/08 Weymouth Open/Major/Minor 2008 K Gregory, AT Mordue All 43 games of the Open, 58 of the Major and 123 of the Minor, kindly keyed and sent by Jack Rudd.
28/10/08 HE Atkins Mem Leicester 2008 JS Garnett All 48 games of the HE Atkins Open, kindly sent by Sean Hewitt. News of the tournament can be found here.
07/10/08 Thanet Open 2008 Martin Cutmore All 62 games from the Thanet Open of August 2008, contributed by Kevin Thurlow (for which, many thanks). Corrections made (8 Oct): result of Ilett-Bonafont game and rating of Andrew P Lewis.
16/09/08 Leicester Rated A/B 2008 Brandon Clarke, Christopher Jones All 90 games from two ten-player all-play-all rating tournaments held in Littlethorpe, Leicester, in August/September. My thanks to Sean Hewitt for the games.
29/08/08 Leicester Atkins op 2007 C Gibson, J Houska, A Khandelwal All 60 games from the open. Thanks to Sean Hewitt for the games.
27/08/08 Leicester All-Play-Alls A and B 2007 Pablo Padilla (A); Martin Burrows (B) All 90 games from these two ten-player all-play-alls, held in Littlethorpe, Leicester. Thanks to Sean Hewitt for the games.
25/08/08 1st Jessie Gilbert Celebration International, Coulsdon 2008 Aleksandar Berelovich All 221 games. Thanks to Keith Selby and Scott Freeman.
25/08/08 6th Staunton Memorial 2008 Michael Adams All 66 games.
23/08/08 British Championship 2008 Stuart Conquest (after a play-off with Keith Arkell) All 374 games, plus 2 play-off games, courtesy of the bulletin team at the congress - many thanks. Note (19.08.08): the result of the game Goodger-Auckland (round 10) has been amended to ½-½ (it had been incorrectly recorded as 1-0). Amended 23/08/08: Peter Shaw kindly provided corrections of score errors in three of his games, versus S Berry (round 2), C Storey (round 4) and L Davis (round 10).
14/07/08 Irish Open Championships 2008 Alex Baburin, Alon Greenfeld All 138 games.
14/07/08 Scottish Championships 2008 Jan Markos, Tautvydas Vedrickas (Alan Tate took the Scottish title) All 254 games.
14/07/08 5th South Wales International 2008 Normunds Miezis, Stewart Haslinger All 195 games, kindly supplied by Jack Rudd.
18/06/08 Coulsdon Easter International 2008 Bogdan Lalic All 45 games of the Coulsdon Easter International, held in April, plus the 45 games of the subsidiary event.
18/06/08 Coulsdon Xmas Internationals 2007 Colin McNab (A) and Augustin Madan (B) All 157 games from two IM norm tournaments held at Coulsdon Chess Fellowship shortly before Xmas, plus the games of two minor events. My thanks to Scott Freeman for supplying the games.
17/06/08 Yeovil Open 2008 Matthew Turner, Chris Beaumont All 42 games of the open, plus 49 from the intermediate and 46 from the Minor. My thanks to Jack Rudd for sending the games.
08/06/08 Middx Centenary / Pesonen Memorial 2007 Sussex All six games played in this correspondence match between Middlesex and Sussex, which was to celebrate Middlesex's centenary and also to commemorate Finnish-born Sussex player Erkki Pesonen (1930-2006). My thanks to John Dodgson for the games and information.
01/06/08 Frome Open 2008 Keith Arkell All 53 games, input by Dave Tipper and sent to me by Bill Frost (for which many thanks).
28/05/08 Haringay Masters 1988 Hodgson / Murey All 81 games. These games have been previously published on ChessBase but with one significant error. The game Orr-Andruet score has now been corrected, based on the score found on the 'Starbase 4.56' database. My thanks to Andy Ansel for pointing out this anomaly.
12/05/08 BCF-ch 1985 Edinburgh Jonathan Speelman All 418 games, keyed in by me from the bulletin, some years ago. Ken Norman has pointed out that the 'K Richardson' in the bulletin was Kevin D (not Keith B).
01/05/08 London Central YMCA 1976 Max Fuller An 11-player, all-play-all tournament used to generate FIDE ratings for some of the players (who included David Rumens and Nigel Povah). Thanks to Ray Cannon for keying in the games and sending me the file.
15/04/08 Brentwood International 2008 Jonathan Rowson, Odion Aikhoje All 98 games, from the official website.
07/04/08 Some corrections and additions:
1) Liverpool op 2007 - three game scores amended (Glud-RC Cannon, Kaufman-RC Cannon, Carleton-RC Cannon) and the download amended to show rounds 8 and 9 correctly;
2) Blackpool Open 2008: two game scores amended: Radovanovic - RJ Cannon and Muter- RC Cannon.
  My thanks to Ray Cannon for sending corrected game scores and pointing out that Liverpool 2007 was short of rounds 8 and 9 on the website.
28/03/08 West of England Championship 2008 Russell James (Ian Thompson takes WECU title) 71 games from this tournament, kindly sent by Bill Frost. Bill tells me that some of the first round scoresheets went missing though some of the game scores have been rescued.
27/03/08 Blackpool Open 2008 Alexandre Dgebuadze All 161 games keyed in by Steve Giddins. I have added byes and an unavailable score so that a complete crosstable can be generated. Note that I have corrected two results from the games file which appears on the Blackpool website - correct results should be, round 2, Hagesaether ½-½ Merriman and, round 3, Foord 1-0 Lund. Official website.
27/03/08 Southend - Jack Speigel Memorial 2008 David Howell All 28 games, from the Southend Congress website.
26/03/08 54th Welsh Championship 2008 James Cobb and Leighton Williams All 101 games, plus the 103 games played in the Tom Weston Major and 44 games played in the John Bishop Minor. My thanks to John Thornton for supplying the games.
12/03/08 Gibraltar Masters 2008 Hikaru Nakamura, after a tie-break from Bu Xiangzhi All 997 games, input by the Gibtelecom website team (Sean Hewitt, Zeljka Malobabic, Andrew Smith and me).
12/03/08 Gibraltar Challengers/Amateurs 2008 Four separate events All 533 games, input by the Gibtelecom website team. I input all the Amateur tournament games.
12/03/08 Hastings Masters 2007/8 Malahatko, Mamedov, Neverov All 519 games, from the official website.
12/03/08 Guernsey Open 2007 Tiger Hillarp Persson All 247 games, input by Arthur Brameld (I think).
08/03/08 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge 2008 Drawn 4-4 All eight games input by me.
06/03/08 East Devon Premier 2008 Dominic Mackle All 75 games from the tournament held in Exeter over the weekend of 29 February to 2 March. Many thanks to Bill Frost for sending the games.
06/03/08 English Senior Championship 2008 Andrew Whiteley All 102 games from the inaugural English Senior (Over 60) Championship, held in Dovedale in the Peak District of Derbyshire at the end of January. My thanks to Steve Burke for sending the games and also to Neil Graham for other information sent.
06/03/08 Beacon Senior 2007 John Dodgson / Andrew Footner All 130 games from this over-60s tournament held in Exmouth in November 2007. My thanks to Bill Frost for sending the games.
06/03/08 Beacon Junior 2007 Michael Yeo All 27 games from this tournament held in Exmouth. 'Junior' in this context means 'over-50'. My thanks to Bill Frost for sending the games.
06/03/08 Torbay Open 2007 Steve Dilleigh / David Littlejohns All 58 games, kindly sent by Bill Frost (for which many thanks). The tournament was held in Torquay in November 2007.
04/12/07 Hastings Premier page reformatted - The Hastings page has been reformatted, with tournaments grouped by decade and DGT viewers provided for all games. One game (Smejkal-Clarke, Hastings 1968/69) corrected to show Smejkal winning with White and not Black. My thanks to John Blackstone for bringing this to my attention.
21/10/07 Dorset Open 2007 John Anderson All 51 games (and 31 byes), kindly supplied by Bill Frost.
20/10/07 Monarch Isle of Man 2007 Bartel, Yakovich, Kobalia, Golod, Roiz, Efimenko All 389 games, keyed in by me.
23/09/07 Monarch Isle Of Man U175 2006 Nick Burton, David Twitchell All 55 games from the 2006 Monarch Assurance Tony Bridson (Under 175 grade) tournament, kindly supplied by Jeffrey Heath.
10/09/07 UK vs China, Liverpool 2007 China All 48 games from this match. Thanks to Dave Clayton, Steve Giddins and Steve Connor.
10/09/07 Liverpool op 2007 D Fridman All 389 games from the open event which ran alongside the UK-China match. Thanks to Dave Clayton, Steve Giddins and Steve Connor.
02/09/07 BCF Major Open 2002 A Greet / E Prokopchuk 189 games from the 2002 Major Open in Torquay. Thanks to Rudy van Kemenade for sending.
01/09/07 Coulsdon Autumn International 2007 Lars Stark, Colin McNab All 45 games of the tournament, plus 39 from the Challenger's section. Lars Stark and Jovica Radovanovic achieved IM norms. Thanks to Scott Freeman.
28/08/07 IBCA European Blind Championship 2007 Jaroslav Olsar All 341 games, thanks to Dave Clayton and the Braille Chess Association website. Played in Durham from 14-23 August.
19/08/07 Staunton Memorial, Simpsons 2007 Michael Adams All 66 games, keyed in by Steve Giddins - many thanks.
19/08/07 Croydon Junior Training 1965 [not known] 20 games from two eight-player, four-round swiss tournaments, apparently played at Trinity School, Croydon. Keyed in by Andy Ansel from contemporary bulletins (possibly produced by Ray Keene). Players include the late Simon Webb, his brother Roger and other strong junior players of the era. Pure nostalgia for the over-50s...
12/08/07 British Championship 2007 Jacob Aagaard All 374 games, input by Jack Rudd and posted on the ECF website.
07/08/07 British Championship 1948 RJ Broadbent 15 complete games, plus 51 fragments and skeleton games from the 1948 British Championship, held at the Bishopsgate Institute in London (the last time the championship was held in the nation's capital city). The tournament was particularly interesting for BH Wood's high-scoring start of 6½/7 followed by only ½/4 in the final run-in. There is an interesting commentary on this championship by Leonard Barden in the BCM Blog. If anyone has more gamescores from this championship, I would be grateful to receive them. Later note: Morry-Milner-Barry added 07/08/07 (thanks to Andy Ansel)
27/07/07 4th South Wales International 2007 Marat Dzhumaev All 208 games, kindly supplied by Jack Rudd - official website. Correction (27/07/07) made to the Round 1 game J.Gilbert-J. Jones (0-1) - which was actually J.Jones-J.Gilbert (0-1) (i.e. colours reversed)
26/07/07 Middlesex v Young England 2007 Middlesex All 81 games of this Scheveningen-format event. My thanks to Simon Spivack. Played to celebrate Middlesex County Chess Association's centenary. Official website.
26/07/07 Bath British Isles Zonal 1987 Jonathan Speelman / Susan Arkell (women's zonal) All 55 games, plus 15 games from the Women's Zonal and a the two-game play-off. Thanks to Steve Giddins for keying the games and Stewart Reuben for the loan of the bulletin.
25/07/07 Lloyds Bank Masters 1983 Yuri Razuvaev 130 games from the 7th Lloyds Bank Masters, keyed in by Steve Giddins, bulletin loaned by Stewart Reuben (many thanks to both). Mega Database 2007 claims to have 20 games from this event but they do not all match the bulletin (for example they have the game Hartston-Richardson, but the download here has all nine of his games and it doesn't include a game against Richardson). Gert Ligterink tells me that this game was from the ARC Young Masters tournament of the same year, so it would appear that Mega Database 2007 has some of the Lloyds and ARC games muddled up.
19/07/07 Scottish Championship 2007 Andrew Muir All 45 games, from the official website
13/07/07 Irish Open Championship 2007 Nick Pert and Mark Hebden. Brian Kelly and Stephen Brady shared the Irish title. 224 games, supplied by Mark Orr and Ian Doyle.
09/07/07 London Phillips & Drew / GLC Kings 1984 Anatoly Karpov All 91 games of one of the strongest tournaments ever held in Britain (probably only Nottingham 1936 and Hastings 1895 rival it in greatness). It has been available on commercial databases for some time, but I have added round numbers and dates, plus details of sealed moves and resumptions. A couple of very minor errors were picked up in the revision. Scores: 1 Karpov 9/13, 2-3 Chandler, Polugaevsky 8, 4 Timman 7½, 5-6 Ribli, Seirawan 7, 7-8 Korchnoi, Vaganian 6½, 9-11 Andersson, Miles, Speelman 5½, 12-14 Mestel, Nunn, Torre 5.
29/06/07 Yeovil Open 2007 Matthew Turner, James Cobb All 36 games from the open, plus 152 from subsidiary events. Many thanks to Jack Rudd for sending the games. Some are annotated by him. Matthew Turner and James Cobb shared first place with 4/5, ahead of Paul Helbig on 3½.
21/06/07 Cotswold Open 2007 Chris Beaumont All 43 games. Many thanks to Chris Mattos for sending the games. Chris Beaumont (Bristol) won with 6/6 ahead of Steve Berry (Wimbledon) on 5 and Nigel Beveridge (Hereford) on 4.
21/06/07 Oxford University Open 2004 Jonathan Rowson All 55 games, plus 10 blanks (for byes). Many thanks to IM Richard Palliser for keying in the games and sending the file (he acknowledges the help of Priscilla Morris and Kieran Smallbone). A strong event which included 2 GMs (Rowson and Wells) and one IM (Crouch).
05/05/07 Manchester Benedictine 1981 Tony Miles 116 games, plus 19 blanks. Gert Ligterink sent me this file, but when I checked my records I found I already had the games (apart from three of Gert's own games which were new) but had not posted them here. I cannot recall but I think they must have been keyed in by me from a bulletin supplied by the late Richard Furness. Many thanks to Gert Ligterink for sending the file.
05/05/07 Lloyds Bank Masters 1981 Ray Keene, Yasser Seirawan, Tony Miles 119 games (all the games in the bulletin). My thanks to Stewart Reuben for lending the bulletin and Steve Giddins for keying in the games. Reposted 05/05/07 - my thanks to Gert Ligterink for sending a new version of his game with R Keene with additional moves at the end, plus an additional game - his round 9 game versus R Nokes.
03/05/07 Lewisham 1982 Jim Plaskett 87 games (all the games in the bulletin). My thanks to Stewart Reuben for lending the bulletin and Steve Giddins for keying in the games.
02/05/07 Robert Silk Young Masters, London 1982 William Watson All 45 games of this category 5 tournament, with six players who went on to become GMs (Watson, Tisdall, Hebden, Motwani, Davies, Conquest). My thanks to Stewart Reuben for lending the bulletin and Steve Giddins for keying in the games.
24/04/07 Welsh Championship 2007 James Cobb All 95 games plus 156 games from the subsidiary sections. Thanks to Jon Gilbert and John Thornton for sending games.
24/04/07 Southend Open 2007 Robert Eames All 246 games, courtesy of the Southend CC website.
24/04/07 Islington 1971 R Bellin, J Carleton, PC Griffiths, MV Lambshire, J Nunn, S Webb, A Whiteley 103 games from the open, plus another 74 from subsidiary and follow-up events. My thanks to Stewart Reuben for lending the bulletin, Steve Giddins for keying in the games
20/04/07 Coulsdon Easter 2007 Alex Cherniaev; Robin Haldane All 45 games of the category 4 norm event, plus 45 from the Challengers. Thanks to Scott Freeman for supplying the games. Reposted 20/04/07 - one of the games (Khantuev-Arjun, Rd 8) amended to show the names of the players round the right way)
15/04/07 West of England (WECU) Championship 2007 Matthew Turner All 61 games from the Chess Devon website (no doubt input by Bill Frost - many thanks)
11/04/07 Jack Speigel Memorial 2007 Mark Hebden All 28 games from this Southend event, courtesy of the Southend CC website.
11/04/07 Blackpool Open 2007 Harald Borchgrevink A selection of 45 games.
09/04/07 Tal UK Simul Games 1964 - 27 simultaneous and exhibition games played by Mikhail Tal in England after the Hastings tournament in January 1964. Includes 22 of the games played in the London (John Lewis) simul of 9 Jan (mainly taken from Edward Winter's Chess Notes), 2 games played in the Westminster simul of 10 Jan (from BCM), a radio consultation game (played 11 Jan) and 2 games from the Birmingham simul of 11 Jan. If anyone has further games from these simuls (or other games by famous grandmasters from UK simuls), I would be very grateful.
09/04/07 East Devon Premier 2007 Andrew P Smith All 77 games, kindly supplied by Bill Frost. Some of the games have annotations by Jack Rudd.
08/04/07 Varsity Oxford-Cambridge 2007 Cambridge All 8 games, input by me.
08/04/07 New format: note that I am now going over to the use of ChessTheatre for supplying both PGN downloads and viewable game windows. Hereafter, whenever you click on a link referring to a tournament, it will produce a new java window which will let you play through games and also download a PGN file. If this causes great difficulty to users, please let me know.
17/02/07 Gibtelecom Challengers & Amateurs 2007DGT Viewer Various 310 games, provided by the official website, thanks to Steve Giddins and Sean Hewitt. Originally posted 10/02/07, and amended for a second time 17/02/07 to show Portman-Dimitrijevic (Challengers Wk1, Rd 2) as 1-0 (not 0-1) and append the missing 40 moves from the end.
12/02/07 Gibtelecom Masters 2007DGT Viewer Vladimir Akopian 786 games, provided by the official website, thanks to Steve Giddins, Sean Hewitt and Mark Crowther. Amended 12 Feb 2007 - Korchnoi-Bellin, Rd 4, 42...Qc7 (not 42...Qd7) was played.
11/02/07 Torbay 2006DGT Viewer Tyson Mordue 80 games from the five-round Torbay open, November 2006. My thanks to Bill Frost for sending the games.
11/02/07 Beacon 'Senior/Junior' 2006DGT Viewer Senior: DIW Reynolds & R Gamble
'Junior': M Yeo
178 games from the five-round swisses played at the Royal Beacon Congress, Exmouth, November 2006. In this context, the term 'junior' refers to players over 50. My thanks to Bill Frost for sending the games.
10/02/07 Newport 2007DGT Viewer Richard S Jones 84 games from the five-round open at the South Wales Winter Congress, January 2007. My thanks to John Thornton for sending the games.