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1956 British Chess Federation (BCF) Grading List

[from CHESS, Vol.22, no.284-5, January 1957]

" The following list, prepared by the B.C.F. National Grading Committee, grades performance in the two years to 31st August 1956. It excludes the Paignton and Whitby Congresses held in September, and the Moscow team tournament. The list has been prepared by the same method as last year’s, with the same rules for eligibility and qualification.

"The list contains 322 names, compared with 281 last year. Of those in the 1955 list 41 have gone up, 52 have gone down, 136 are unchanged, and 52 have dropped out; there are 93 newcomers. Last year’s gradings are shown in brackets for all who are on both lists; it will be remembered that last year 54 moved up and 46 down, with 84 unchanged, so that there is slightly more stability this time.

"There has been some thinning-out at the top. Alexander is joined by Kottnauer in 1a, and Penrose moves up to rejoin Golombek in 1b, but there are now only five in 2a compared with eleven last year. The number in the next three grades has risen from 69 to 77; in 4a and 4b from 102 to 103; and in 5a and 5b from 96 to 133. The increase in the total numbers thus reflects the greater information about the lower players, and not an improvement in standards. Indeed, some of the older players seem to be dropping back without effective replacement.

"The performance in this list contribute to the qualifications of Fuller and Phillips for the B.C.F. title of "British Master" (BM) instituted a year ago.

"The Committee is grateful for the continued support of officials all over the country in providing the records which are indispensable and which are permitting a steady increase in the number of players included in the list. For the 1957 list it is proposed to continue with the same methods and rules, but to make the two-year period run to 30th September in order to include Paignton in future as the last event of the grading period instead of the first of the next."

IM indicates International Master; BM indicates British Master

Grade 1a [241-248]

C. H. O'D. Alexander (IM; 1a)
C. Kottnauer (IM; 1b)

Grade 1b [233-240]

H. Golombek (IM; 1b)
J. Penrose (BM; 2a)

Grade 2a [225-232]

J. A. Fuller (2a)
P. S. Milner-Barry (BM; 2a)
R. J. A. Persitz (2a)
A. Phillips (2a)
R. G. Wade (IM; 2a)

Grade 2b [217-224]

J. M. Aitken (Cheltenham; 2b)
L. W. Barden (Wimbledon; 2a)
R. J. Broadbent (BM; 2a)
P. H. Clarke (Ilford; 2b)
H. E. G. Courtney (Malvern)
M. J. Franklin (Clapham Common; 2a)
O. Friedman (London; 2a)
A. Y. Green (London; 2b)
M. J. Haygarth (Leeds; 3a)
W. Heidenfeld (South Africa)
F. Parr (London; 2b)
W. Tabakiernik (Leicestershire; 3a)
W. Veitch (Insurance; 2a)
P. N. Wallis (Leicestershire; 2b)
B. H. Wood (Warwickshire; 2b)

Grade 3a [209-216]

M. Blaine (Hampstead; 3a)
R. F. Boxall (Civil Service; 3a)
E. Brown (Middlesex)
P. F. Copping (Wiltshire; 3a)
J. W. Cornforth (Hampstead; 2b)
S. Fazekas (IM; 2b)
P. C. Gibbs (Bradford & Birmingham University; 3a)
G. F. Harris (Stourbridge; 2b)
R. Hartnett (Clapham Common)
D. G. Horseman (Coventry; 3a)
E. C. Hughes (Civil Service; 3b)
F. E. A. Kitto (Exeter; 3a)
J. Levin (Metropolitan; 3b)
D. G. Mackay (Surrey; 3a)
G. J. Martin (Ilford & Leicester University; 3a)
S. Milan (Stockport; 3a)
R. H. Newman (West London; 3a)
P. J. Oakley (Birmingham University)
D. Paffley (Wakefield; 3a)
D. B. Pritchard (Middlesex)
H. G. Rhodes (Southport; 3b)
J. Stone (Hampstead; 3a)
A. R. B. Thomas (Devon; 3a)
H. V. Trevenen (Cornwall; 3a)

Grade 3b [201-208]

G. Abrahams (Liverpool; 2b)
D. M. Andrew (Lancashire; 3b)
J. Ansell (Cheltenham; 3a)
T. J. Beach (Liverpool; 3a)
J. H. Beaty (Doncaster; 4a)
J. Birnberg (Athenaeum; 4a)
R. W. Bonham (Worcester; 3a)
C. G. Butcher (Wimbledon; 3a)
B. Cafferty (Blackburn)
P. B. Cook (Ilford; 3b)
S. H. Crockett (Insurance; 4a)
F. Davy (Southgate; 3a)
C. G. Hilton (Manchester; 4a)
A. Hirsch (Finchley)
P. C. Hoad (Liverpool; 3b)
J. B. Howson (Kent; 3a)
H. Israel (Middlesex; 3b)
E. Jesty (Athenaeum; 3a)
G. B. Lewis (Civil Service; 3b)
B. J. Moore (Birmingham; 3b)
A. J. Morrell (Ilford; 3b)
W. R. Morry (Birmingham; 4a)
J. Neale (Cheltenham; 3b)
J. S. Parker (Wimbledon; 3b)
R. Payne (West Ham)
N. A. Perkins (Civil Service; 3b)
J. E. Povey (Leeds; 3b)
W. H. Pratten (Hampshire)
J. Purdy (Australia)
P. D. Sanderson (Leicestershire; 3a)
S. P. Schotz (Middlesex; 3b)
S. A. Seale (Surrey; 3b)
E. G. Sergeant (BM; 3a)
R. W. Stevenson (Clapham Common; 4b)
B. Sturgeon (Ilford; 3b)
J. A. Wall (Finchley; 4a)
T. H. Wise (Middlesborough; 3a)
J. Wolstenholme (Salford; 3b)

Grade 4a [193-200]

F. W. Allen (Athenaeum; 4a)
D. L. Barrett (Insurance; 4a)
W. Broome (Barrow; 4b)
R. M. Bruce (Plymouth; 3b)
J. G. Cockcroft (Bradford; 4a)
M. F. Collins (Crewe & Cambridge University; 4a)
C. A. S. Damant (Sussex)
A. Distler (Athenaeum; 4a)
E. Faierman (Gloucestershire; 4b)
J. T. Farrand (London University; 4a)
D. Gilbertson (Southgate)
T. Goodhill (West Ham)
D. J. P. Gray (Exeter & Cambridge University; 4a)
D. F. Griffiths (Leicestershire; 4a)
D. Hardin (Sale)
J. B. Harmer (West London)
P. Harris (West Bromwich;4a)
P. J. Harrison (Bolton & Nottingham University)
J. B. Hawson (Ilford 4a)
T. Landry (Oxford University; 4a)
N. H. S. Lavers (Hertfordshire; 4b)
D. E. Lloyd (Birmingham & Cambridge University; 4a)
J. W. McLeod (Sussex; 4b)
H. G. T. Matchett (Birmingham; 4a)
D. Miller (Metropolitan; 4a)
G. W. Moses (Wakefield; 4a)
B. H. Neumann (Manchester; 4a)
G. M. Norman (West London & Sussex)
J. H. Pollitt (Manchester; 4a)
M. E. Poolake (Bristol; 4a)
R. O. Powis (Stroud; 4b)
Mrs. E. Pritchard (Middlesex)
W. E. B. Pryer (Hertfordshire; 3b)
D. J. Richards (Oxford University)
W. E. C. Richards (Civil Service; 4a)
V. J. A. Russ (Leicestershire; 3b)
J. V. Skilleter (West Ham; 4a)
R. A. Slade (Civil Service; 4a)
J. T. Smith (Manchester; 4a)
J. M. Soesan (Ilford; 4b)
R. Speirs (Middlesex)
A. R. Spiller (U.S.A.)
R. F. Streater (Wimbledon; 4a)
C. G. Tayar (Birmingham; 4a)
A. A. Thomson (Surrey)
F. E. Tinworth (Civil Service;
D. G. Tranter (Sheffield; 3b)
G. H. F. Tredinnick (Insurance; 4b)
S. Wilkinson (Harrogate; 4b)
H. I. Woolverton (Ilford; 3b)
D J. Youston (Birmingham)

Grade 4b [185-192]

D. Armstrong (West Ham; 4b)
G. A. C. Ashcroft (Battersea; 5a)
K. Beaumont (Huddersfield; 4a)
J. M. Bee (Metropolitan; 4a)
E. G. Berg (Bradford; 4a)
A. Bernfield (Civil Service; 4b)
A. G. Burbidge (Birmingham)
A. J. Butcher (Wolverhampton)
J. C. Cock (Cambridge University; 5a)
E. E. Colman (Wimbledon; 4a)
J. R. Coward (Civil Service; 4b)
F. Fischer (West London)
W. S. Deeth (Hampstead; 4b)
G. Dickson (Edinburgh)
R. G. Duce (Lensbury)
D. G. Ellison (Bolton)
W. C. Evans (Sheffield; 4b)
H. W. Gamble (Battersea; 5a)
K. L. Gardner (Birmingham & Oxford University; 4a)
C. F. Girling (Kent)
L. A. J. Glyde (Ilford; 4b)
I. J. Good (Cheltenham; 4a)
J. B. Goodman (Plymouth; 4b)
D. B. Grayson (Manchester; 4b)
T. Harman (Coventry)
J. Hobbs (Twickenham)
B. Howard (Blackpool; 4b)
H. C. Lewis (Civil Service; 4b)
W. D. Lowe (Metropolitan; 5a)
M. Macdonald-Ross (Kent; 4b)
C. W. Marshall (Glasgow; 4b)
A. Mazitis (Finchley; 4b)
K. C. Messere (Civil Service; 4b)
J. R. Nicholson (Wirral; 4b)
A. E. Nield (St. Leonards; 4b)
W. A. Oddy (Harrogate)
A. Philpott (Finchley; 4b)
A. Rivlin (Leeds; 4b)
J. D. Rosse (Middlesex; 4b)
L. Rosselson (Cambridge University; 4b)
J. F. S. Rumble (Kent; 4b)
I. P. Russell (Southgate)
I. T. Sifton (Exeter; 4b)
E. V. Slee (Cumberland)
F. Smith (Blackburn)
A. Starosolsky (Leicestershire; 5b)
Miss E. Tranmer (Hampstead)
J. H. Watts (Birmingham; 4b)
C. Welch (Bristol; 5a)
R. G. White (Stock Exchange; 4b)
K. Whyld (Nottingham)
W. J. E. Yeeles (Kent; 4b)

Grade 5a [177-184]

C. G. Addingley (Leeds)
A. W. Bachini (Liverpool; 5a)
J. N. Baxter (Leeds University)
B. J. Benjamin (London University; 5a)
K. W. Bloodworth (Plymouth)
Mrs. R. M. Bruce (Plymouth; 5a)
A. Bucys (Bradford)
H. T. Callaghan (Enfield)
H. W. Calvert (Ilford; 5a)
T. I. Casswell (Hampstead; 4b)
E. B. Chapman (Leicestershire; 5a)
P. E. Collier (Leicestershire; 4b)
D. J. Collins (Harrow; 5b)
R. B. Copleston (Exeter)
C. Cordel (Leicestershire; 4b)
P. Dean (Leyton; 5a)
M. Duda-Morena (Polish Y.M.C.A.)
R. B. Edwards (Harrogate)
A. Freyer (Leicestershire; 5b)
H. C. Garner (Civil Service)
T. H. George (Ilford; 5b)
J. S. Giles (Altrincham)
B. E. Glaze (Metropolitan; 5b)
T. T. Godwin (Athenaeum; 5a)
J. Goldberg (Leeds; 4b)
D. Gould (Leicestershire; 5a)
D. Gowler (West Ham)
L. G. Green (Birmingham)
C. R. Gurnhill (Sheffield; 4b)
S. Haggas (Bradford)
M. A. Haigh (Leeds)
B. Halliwell (Preston; 5a)
C. Hammersley (Birmingham 5a)
O. H. Hardy (Wakefield; 5a)
F. A. Hart (Hertfordshire; 5b)
G. Hill (Birmingham)
S. G. Hill (Civil Service; 5a)
K. Hilton (Liverpool)
H. S. Hope (Croydon; 4b)
S. Hryniw (Leicestershire)
C. Jahn (Harrow; 4b)
H. P. James (Wimbledon; 5a)
S. Jezewski (Polish Y.M.C.A.)
D. le B. Jones (Civil Service; 4b)
H. F. Joynson (Wolverhampton; 5b)
P. R. Kings (Salisbury)
T. Lee (Coventry; 5b)
N. Lewis (Birmingham; 5a)
K. McDermott (Bradford)
A. G. Midgley (Huddersfield; 5a)
J. A. Moore (Metropolitan)
H. G. Mutkin (Oxford University)
G. C. Nurse (Insurance; 5a)
L. W. Oliver (South Shields; 5b)
P. W. Parkes (Wimbledon; 4b)
L. B. Pawson (Lincolnshire)
A. R. Pitt (Cheltenham; 5b)
M. Podoba (London; 5a)
M. R. Porter (Ilford)
W. S. Powell (Stoke-on-Trent; 5b)
A. P. Primett (Civil Service; 5a)
O. Pritchard (Altrincham)
J. E. Redon (Twickenham)
K. D. Sales (Wigan & London University; 4b)
D. Saunderson (Chesterfield; 5a)
R. Smith (Civil Service; 4b)
V. J. Soanes (Liverpool; 5a)
J. D. Solomon (Battersea; 4a)
A. F. Stobo (Manchester; 5a)
G. N. Stokes (Solihull; 5a)
G. Tarjan (B.B.C.)
V. Tarnofsky (West Ham; 5a)
P. Tillson (Civil Service)
W. Turner (Sussex; 5b)
R. Tyndale (Athenaeum)
M. E. Ventham (Southampton; 5b)
L. Vine (Hampshire; 5a)
R. A. Wagstaff (Ilford; 5b)
W. S. Wallis (West London; 5a)
A. Weber (Clapham Common; 5a)
R. Weisz (Wimbledon; 4b)
B. L. Wilkinson (Chorley; 5a)
R. D. Wormald (Worcester; 4b)

Grade 5b [169-176]

R. Beevers (Sheffield)
J. A. C. Borland (Hampshire)
F. J. Camm (West London; 5a)
A. R. Chamberlain (Birmingham; 5b)
I. R. E. Clark (West London; 5b)
P. A. Cooke (Civil Service; 5b)
S. Dean (West Ham)
J. C. Dore (Birmingham)
Miss J. F. Doulton (B.B.C.; 5b)
W. Edge (Salford)
J. Espley (Stockport)
W. Evans (Battersea & Buckinghamshire)
B. Ewart (Wallasey)
C. E. Fellows (Battersea)
B. Forysiak (Polish Y.M.C.A.)
W. J. Gillies (Civil Service; 5a)
W. B. Haase (Southgate; 5b)
R. W. Ives (Wakefield; 5b)
G. E. James (Leicestershire; 5b)
R. E. James (Insurance)
J. T. Keable (Croydon; 5a)
R. H. King (Civil Service; 5a)
S. C. Love (Wimbledon; 5b)
B. J. McGreevy (Liverpool; 5b)
P. May (Southgate)
J. Narcross (Leeds)
A. P. Nicholas (Birmingham)
W. E. Phipps (Birmingham)
E. Priestley (Huddersfield; 5b)
T. Pruchnicki (Polish Y.M.C.A.; 5b)
G. A. Rain (Croydon; 5b)
C. G. Rains (Ilford)
R. P. Ross (Hull)
R. E. Rushbrook (Surrey)
J. Rushton (Huddersfield; 5b)
T. Russell, junr. (Glasgow)
O. Schalscha (Shropshire)
P. M. Shaw (Civil Service; 5b)
W. Slowik (Derby)
J. E. Smith (Birmingham; 5a)
J. W. Smith (Wimbledon; 5a)
A. F. Stammwitz (Harrow)
E. L. Taylor (Sale)
F. W. Viney (Finchley)
L. C. Walters (Ilford; 5b)
J. L. Warren (Warwickshire; 5a)
H. H. Watts (Southport; 5b)
O. Weiss (Leicestershire; 5b)
F. Whitham (Manchester; 5a)
H. Zamojski (Polish Y.M.C.A.)