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Tournament: 11th Staffordshire Open • 33 games
Venue: Wolverhampton • Dates: 24-27 May 1975 • Download PGNuploaded Sunday, 18 October, 2020 1:05 AM

11th Staffordshire Open, Bushbury, Wolverhampton, 24-27 May 1975

n.b. I thought it a good idea to publish these games here in order to address some naming errors in the games as presented on Mega/Big Database and also to supply dates. The following report was published in BCM, August 1975, pps 340-341 but some of the names look inaccurate too. I've left 'as is' but may correct later if a contributor is able to assist me - JS


by W.Ritson Morry

This very popular Midland Spring Bank Holiday congress attracted an entry of 246, a remarkable achievement in view of the number of other events taking place at the same time.

For the principal event, the Staffordshire Open Championship, there were 36 contestants in a 6-round Swiss section and it was won outright by Richard Beach with a score of 5 points (4 wins and 2 draws). This was his second success in the series, now in its eleventh year, and it was a fine performance to finish ahead of such well known experts as Bernard Cafferty, John Carleton, L. A. Edwards and Martyn Corden.

The Congress includes open and closed championship tournaments for all age groups of juniors from under 12 to under 21 and the considerable entry for the lower age groups must augur well for future prospects of Staffordshire in county competitions.

Results in the Staffs Open Championship were:-

R. A. Beach 5/6; B. Cafferty, J. Carleton, E. Goodwin, J. G. Herbert 4½, M. Corden, L. A. Edwards, K. R. Ingram, N. A. McSheehy, A. Woodland 4; G. J. Gorman, M. W. Johnson, J. Montgomery, R. D. Picken, J. Quinn, P. J. Romilly 3½; C. W. Baker, R. D. de Coverly, P. D. Porter, J. S. Evans, I. M. Pountney, N. Short 3; R. J. Farley, J. Ripley, A. Schroeder, P. Williams, G. P. Thomas 2½; M. Edwards, A. M. Ingram, P. D. Wood 2; P. W. Langston, B. Marshall, W. P. Taylor 1½; I. Bourne (withdrew after 2 rounds), C. Corden and G. Kaye (withdrew after 5 rounds) 1.

Prize-winners in other sections:-

Candidates’ Tournament: R. G. Clark, A. Willis 5; W. N. Clayton 4½; Major Tournament ‘A’ W. B. Wallace 5½; R. Webb 5; R. M. Ewan, B. Foster, K. A. J. Francis, E. Whelan 4. ‘B’ J. Bowley, S. Dickins 5; J. Cox, S. Jukes 4½. Week-end Special Open (5 rounds) S. Finlayson 4½; C. H. Caldicott, J. R. Keen 4. Staffs Under-18 and Under-21 Championships (5 rounds) G. M. Wellings 5, J. Benton, M. Costley, C. J. Mills, S. P. Ross, F. Savage, A. Spencer 3. Wellings won the Under-18 titles and Moss the Under-21 titles. Staffs Under-16 Championships C. V. Benyon, G. Heap 5½/7; T. N. Ardin, N. Cowley 5. Staffs Under-14 Championships C. A. Jones, K. A. Yeomans 5½; S. Sharma, R. Bowley, A. R. Whitehead 5. Staffs Under-12 Championships (9 rounds) D. Bradbury 7; C. Savage, B. Sloan 6½.

[CHESS, July 1975, p314]


Staffordshire’s 11th, 24-27 May, at Northicote School, Bushbury [suburb of Wolverhampton], had a total entry of 230. R. A. Beach Stafford dominated, winning the "Open" with 5 out of 6; 2-5 B. Cafferty Birmingham, J. J. Carleton Liverpool, E. Goodwin Wolverhampton, J. G. Herbert Leamington 4½. R. A. Beach also won the lightning tournament from a strong field with a clean score.

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Date Notes
3 October 2020 33 games from this event, 29 of which which come from Mega/Big Database and 4 which I have found myself. I thought it as well to publish this in order to supply dates and (in some cases) corrected names.
18 October 2020 I have corrected the name 'C. Cordel' to 'Christine Corden' (previously Christine State, by now wife of Martyn J Corden who also took part). My thanks to Paul Georghiou for pointing this out.