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Event: R.Wade v W.Fairhurst Match • all 8 games • Last Edited: Sunday 9 June, 2024 2:42 PM
Venue: Glasgow Chess Club • Dates: 2 February - 23 March 1953 • Download PGN

1953 Wade vs Fairhurst Match

1953 Wade v Fairhurst, Glasgow  Total 
 1  Robert Graham Wade ½011½11½
2 William Albert Fairhurst ½100½00½

[Glasgow Herald, Friday 6 February 1953] "The first game in the match of eight being played on Monday evenings at the Glasgow club between R. G. Wade, British Champion, and W. A. Fairhurst was adjourned until 6p.m. tonight after 34 moves in four hours' play. A Ruy Lopez played by Wade led to some attractive complications which finished with a rooks-and-pawns position where a slight advantage for Wade may not be enough to win."

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Date Notes
1 May 2018 First uploaded - games received from Alan McGowan, historian for Chess Scotland, for which many thanks. I have added some dates and attributions. These games have long been available on ChessBase but they were shown in the wrong order, probably as a result of the sequence in which they were published in BCM, May 1953. Alan has placed them in the correct order of the first session of play. It was stated in the Glasgow Herald that they would be played on successive Monday evenings at the Glasgow Chess Club from Monday 2 February: in dating them I have assumed that this intention was kept to.