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Match: Midland Counties v City of London CC
Venue: Royal George Hotel, Rugby • Date: 23 May 1903 • Download PGN • updated Tuesday April 25, 2023 1:53 PM

Midland Counties v City of London CC, 23 May 1903, at the Royal George Hotel, Rugby

Match report: Birmingham Daily Post - Monday 25 May 1903, page 10

Board Midland Counties 12-9 City of London CC
1b Henry Ernest Atkins (Leicester) ½-½ Thomas Francis Lawrence
2w George Edward H Bellingham (Dudley) 1-0 William Ward
3b Fred Brown (Dudley) 1-0 Thomas Bolton Girdlestone
4w Arthur John Mackenzie (Birmingham) 1-0 Arthur John Curnock
5b John Ellis Parry (Shrewsbury) 1-0 Frederick Law Anspach3
6w Bernard Dinwoody Wilmot (Birmingham) 1-0 Charles Joseph Woon
7b Edward Heath Collier1 (Leicester) 0-1 Cecil Alfred Lucas Bull
8w P McCarthy (Birmingham) 1-0 James Frederick Allcock
9b Frank Scuse Smith (Oxford) 1-0 Francis Edward Hamond
10w John Brearley (Derby) 0-1 Frederick William Boff
11b Thomas Henry Billington (Birmingham) 1-0 Cecil Perfect Hammond
12w John William Morling (Northampton) 0-1 Dr Robert Dunstan
13b F[rank] Draycott (Leicester) 0-1 W T Marshall
14w William Bernard Alldritt (Birmingham) 0-1 (Timothy) Theodore Robert Harley
15b Henry Balson (Derby) 0-1 Edgar Thomas Ainger Wigram
16w John Henry Dunford (Nottingham) 0-1 Frederick William Flear
17b Joseph Sturge Burlingham (Peterborough) 0-1 Harold John Snowden
18w John Robert Wright2 (Derby) 1-0 S Wood
19b Hubert Ernest Price (Birmingham) 1-0 Herbert George Scantlebury
20w J[ohn?] P[atrick?] Savage (Birmingham) 1-0 Thomas Physick
21b Arthur Charles Garratt (Leicester) ½-½* B W Hamilton

* adjudicated by Joseph Blackburne
1 Edward Heath Collier (1858-1928) was the father of Philip Edward Collier (1894-1966), himself a notable Midlands chess player. Re E H Collier: "The great value to Leicestershire of E. H. Collier, a strong player himself, lay in his keenness to bring along the less experienced members. He took endless pains with them, and it is related that after a county match he would get every Leicester player to put on some crucial position from his game, so that he and Atkins could analyse and give advice." (Leicester Daily Mercury - Friday 10 December 1937 - n.b. this quotation is from an article by Donn Gould which is an invaluable source of information about the history of Leicestershire chess)
2 John Robert Wright (1862-1948) wrote articles on chess, mostly for the Derby Daily Telegraph. He worked as a railway clerk. (Ref. Derby Daily Telegraph - Tuesday 03 December 1929, page 1)
3 Frederick Law Anspach (1874-1925) later changed his name to Frederick Law Armstrong. See note at chessgames.com.

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25 April 2023 First upload. As ten game scores from this match were available, I thought it worth posting at BritBase. My thanks to Gerard Killoran and Brian Denman for help with the game scores.