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Event: London vs Sydney Radio Match • Venue: Australia House, London • Date: 26-28 August 1949
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This was a ten-board match played via radio between the London Chess League and the Sydney Chess League. At the London end it was hosted at Australia House. Playing dates were 26 and 28 August 1949. The Sydney team had White on odds.

Bd Sydney Chess League 1949 London Chess League
1w Lajos Steiner 1-0 Reginald Joseph Broadbent
2b Cecil John Seddon Purdy ½-½ Imre König
3w Gregory Koshnitsky 0-1 Philip Stuart Milner-Barry
4b Robert Pikler 0-1 William Winter
5w Maurice Edward Goldstein 1-0 David Vincent Hooper
6b Harry Klass 1-0 Dr. Otto Friedmann
7w David Malet Armstrong 0-1 Richard Hilary Newman
8b Lloyd Stanley Fell 0-1 Alfred William Bowen
9w Stefan Kruger 0-1 Joe Stone ( Strachstein)
10b Vincent A Walsh 0-1 Oliver Penrose

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Date Notes
12 March 2019 First upload. A 10-board match played via radio on 26/28 August 1949 between teams representing the city leagues of London and Sydney, Australia. All ten games, sourced from The Chess Bulletin, Vol, 1, No.3, 17 September 1949, plus a results table and links to biographical information about the players.
15 April 2022 Correction to the score of Steiner-Broadbent: 8...Nb6 was played, not 8...Nb4. My thanks to Paul Summers for drawing my attention to this.
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