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Event: London vs Sydney Radio Match • Venue: Australia House, London • Date: 26-28 August 1949
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This was a ten-board match played via radio between the London Chess League and the Sydney Chess League. At the London end it was hosted at Australia House. Playing dates were 26 and 28 August 1949. The Sydney team had White on odds.

Bd Sydney Chess League 1949 London Chess League
1w Lajos Steiner 1-0 Reginald Joseph Broadbent
2b Cecil John Seddon Purdy ½-½ Imre König
3w Gregory Koshnitsky 0-1 Philip Stuart Milner-Barry
4b Robert Pikler 0-1 William Winter
5w Maurice Edward Goldstein 1-0 David Vincent Hooper
6b Harry Klass 1-0 Dr. Otto Friedmann
7w David Malet Armstrong 0-1 Richard Hilary Newman
8b Lloyd Stanley Fell 0-1 Alfred William Bowen
9w Stefan Kruger 0-1 Joe Stone
10b Vincent A Walsh 0-1 Oliver Penrose

Alfred William Bowen (1918-2012) - played in the 1937, 1938 and 1939 Varsity chess matches. Familiarly known as 'Bill Bowen' and an accomplished bridge player - further info.

Richard Hilary Newman (1908-1992) - played in the 1928 and 1929 Varsity chess matches. Richard Hilary Newman (Worcester) (1908-1992) Note: Both BCM and Sergeant have RA Newman (Worcester) though RH Newman (Worcester) played in 1929. Gaige's booklet has 'Richard Hilary Newman for both, "R. H. Newman, born 1908, died at Charing Cross Hospital in June [1992]. Richard Hilary Newman played for Oxford in 1928/9, belonged to the Brixton club in the days when it vied with Hampstead in the London League, won the Army Championship in 1943 and met all the leading English players from R. P. Mitchell (sic) to J. Penrose. He played in a dozen British Championships (5th in 1947) and defeated Tolush in the 1947 match against the USSR." (BCM, Oct 1992, p525). Cautionary note for chess researchers: there were two RH Newmans of roughly the same vintage. BCM, May 1984, p194: "R. H. Newman, President of the West of England Chess Union, died in mid-March." A different RH Newman - in Gaige's Chess Personalia the 1984 obit index has an entry for 'Newman, Ralph (sic) H. - 1984, p194' whereas BCM gives no first name. Note: The BCF Yearbook 1981/2 lists the president of the WECU as 'R.H.T. Newman, Rock Lodge, Lynton, Devon' though earlier editions have him simply as RH Newman.

Stefan Kruger - originally from Austria, settled in Australia. Twice New South Wales chess champion (1949 and 1951). Medic and music benefactor. Played in the 1953 Varsity chess matchSee article here.

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