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Tournament: 2nd 4NCL (British Team Chess League) • Updated 16 September, 2020 10:36 PM
Venue: Various • Dates: 1 Oct 1994 - 10 May 1995 • Download PGN (443 of a possible 528 games available)

Please note that the above viewer does not show team data but this data is included in the PGN file and will be available if you download the file and view it using ChessBase or other database software. If you wish to check the players' team names whilst viewing, try clicking on the c8 square on the board and it will show you the full PGN of the game in a new browser window, including the team data.

Rounds 1 and 2: West Derby, Liverpool, 1-2 October 1994
Rounds 3 and 4: Cheltenham, 26-27 November 1994
Rounds 5 and 6: Bridgend, Wales, 21-22 January 1995
Rounds 7 and 8: Chalfont St Peter, near Slough, 18-19 February 1995 *
Rounds 9 and 10: Birmingham, 18-19 March 1995
Round 11: Bolton, 20 May 1995

* Not many of the games from the Chalfont/Slough weekend are available. I vaguely recall someone telling me that their whereabouts were unknown. If anyone knows where the round 7 and 8 scoresheets have got to, please let me know. And I would be happy to receive individual scores from players who took part, of course.

This was the second season of the 4NCL (Four Nations' Chess League), with six teams of eight players meeting each other twice over ten rounds. I shall post a crosstable here in due course. Midland Monarchs won the championship that year. List of 4NCL Champions at the 4NCL website.

File Updated

Date Notes
1 September 2020 First upload of 442 of the 528 games played in the second season (1994/95) of the 4NCL (Four Nations' Chess League - the British Team Championship). The story of how these games disappeared from view and then magically reappeared during a lockdown clear-out appears in the September 2020 issue of CHESS. Buy a copy to learn the truth (or else remain ill-informed!) I have timed this upload to coincide with publication.
4 September 2020 Eagle-eyed Brian Denman spotted a wrong result given in round 2 of the 1994/95 4NCL: G. Kenworthy (Barbican) v J. Smith (South Wales Dragons) ended 0-1 (not 1-0). Many thanks to Brian.
10 September 2020 Brian Denman points out that there is another game from the 1994/95 4NCL already available elsewhere on BritBase: namely, a game played by Bernard Cafferty (BCM) against David Sands (Barbican) in round 7, from the Cafferty file. I've added it to the file. Thanks for pointing this out, Brian. Total now 443 games.
16 September 2020 I have amended the game G.H.James-A.Mack (Rd 10.7) to show a further half-move that as played - 33...Qd4+. Thanks to Brian Denman for pointing this out.