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Tournament: 82nd British Championship • 227 games (from a possible 286) plus 10 from subsidiary events
Venue: Swansea • Dates: 31 July - 11 August 1995 • Download PGN • last updated Wednesday June 7, 2023 12:44 PM

1995 British Chess Championship, Swansea, 31 July–11 August - Swansea Leisure Centre 1994« »1996

1995 British Chess Championship Nat'y Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total 
1 Matthew D Sadler ENG 2575g w43+ b25+ w38+ b17+ w2= b10- w9= b6= w3+ b5+ w4+
2 Aaron P Summerscale ENG 2455m w36+ b40+ w9+ b7+ b1= w5= b3- w4- b6+ w22+ w10+ 8
3 Keith C Arkell ENG 2505m b22+ w21+ b5= w8= w17+ b9+ w2+ b10- b1- w15+ b13=
4 Jonathan P Levitt ENG 2420g w24= b33= w35+ b14= w44+ b22= w30+ b2+ w5+ b10= b1-
5 Jonathan F Parker ENG 2415m b20+ w31+ w3= b12= w13+ b2= w10+ b24+ b4- w1- w9+
6 Richard A Bates ENG 2345 w33= b24= w44= b19+ w7+ b14= b12= w1= w2- b29+ w22+ 7
7 Mark L Hebden ENG 2570g b27= w51+ b15+ w2- b6- w19- b41= w16+ b18+ w30+ b17+ 7
8 James C Howell ENG 2525m w35+ b12= w32+ b3= w9- b26+ w14= b22- b21+ w17+ b15= 7
9 Matthew J Turner ENG 2400m b16+ w18+ b2- w31+ b8+ w3- b1= w15= b19+ w13+ b5- 7
10 Christopher G Ward ENG 2500m w23+ b32= w14= b21+ w25+ w1+ b5- w3+ b22= w4= b2- 7
11 Graeme N Buckley ENG 2355f b18- w48+ b16= w22- b23= w28- b20= w51+ b41+ w27+ b24+
12 Mark Ferguson ENG 2360 w42+ w8= b27= w5= b30- b40+ w6= w31+ b13- b14= w26+
13 Michael T Hennigan ENG 2465m b34+ w30+ b17- w39+ b5- w24- w23+ b44+ w12+ b9- w3=
14 Brian R Kelly IRL 2300 b49+ w15= b10= w4= b31+ w6= b8= w19= b17- w12= w25+
15 Andrew J Ledger ENG 2410m w44+ b14= W7- b40= w41+ b36+ w22= b9= w24+ b3- w8=
16 Oliver A Jackson ENG 2200 w9- b47+ w11= b32= w26- b23- w52+ b7- w37+ b40+ w36+ 6
17 Geoff W Lawton ENG 2385m w41+ b28+ w13+ w1- b3- b38+ w24- b30+ w14+ b8- w7- 6
18 Luke J McShane ENG 2170f w11+ b9- w26+ b25- w21= b32- w40+ b36+ w7- b38= w30+ 6
19 Nicholas G Pert ENG 2160 w32- b23+ w40= w6- b27+ b7+ w25+ b14= w9- b24= w21= 6
20 Joseph Ryan IRL 2210 w5- b46= w42= b33- w45= b41= w11= b37+ w38= b44+ w29+ 6
21 Ian D Thompson ENG 2310 w45+ b3- w41+ w10- b18= b44= w33+ b26= w8- w28+ b19= 6
22 Simon K Williams (IM norm) ENG 2250 w3- b42= w46+ b11+ w38+ w4= b15= w8+ w10= b2- b6- 6
23 Paul V Byway ENG 2245f b10- w19- b51= b50+ w11= w16+ b13- w34+ b27- w39+ b31=
24 Charles A Cobb ENG 2210 b4= w6= w25- b45+ w32+ b13+ b17+ w5- b15- w19= w11-
25 Harriet V Hunt ENG 2385wm b48+ w1- b24+ w18+ b10- w30= b19- w29= b28= w31+ b14-
26 Donald J Mason ENG 2295 b51= w27= b18- w49+ b16+ w8- b28= w21= b31= w34+ b12-
27 Jeremy F S Menadue ENG 2255 w7= b26= w12= b44- w19- b45+ w38= b33= w23+ b11- w43+
28 James E Vigus ENG 2110 b29+ w17- b39- w34+ w36- b11+ w26= b32= w25= b21- w38+
29 Michael H Barnes ENG 2295 w28- b41- w52+ b42= w43+ b33= w36= b25= w44+ w6- b20- 5
30 James E Cobb ENG 2280 w37+ b13- w45+ b38= w12+ b25= b4- w17- w32+ b7- b18- 5
31 David J Coleman ENG 2255 w47+ b5- w33+ b9- w14- b43+ w37+ b12- w26= b25- w23= 5
32 Lawrence Cooper ENG 2315f b19+ w10= b8- w16= b24- w18+ b34= w28= b30- w33= b35= 5
33 Richard Dineley WLS   b6= w4= b31- w20+ b39= w29= b21- w27= w40= b32= b34= 5
34 Ben Hague ENG 2230 w13- b45- w50+ b28- w49+ b42+ w32= b23- w47+ b26- w33= 5
35 Jonathan P Nelson ENG 2255 b8- w52+ b4- w37- b51= w48= b47- b42+ w43= b46+ w32= 5
36 Jack Rudd ENG 2230 b2- w49= b37= w48+ b28+ w15- b29= w18- b39= w41+ b16- 5
37 Konrad Van Zyl Smit RSA 2100 b30- b43= w36= b35+ w40= w39= b31- w20- b16- w45+ b49+ 5
38 Mark L Condie SCO 2450m b52+ w39+ b1- w30= b22- w17- b27= w41= b20= w18= b28-
39 Gerald M Hayes ENG   w46+ b38- w28+ b13- w33= b37= w44- b47= w36= b23- w42=
40 Stephen C Ledger ENG 2260 b50+ w2- b19= w15= b37= w12- b18- w48+ b33= w16- b44=
41 Karl CC Mah ENG 2200f b17- w29+ b21- w46+ b15- w20= w7= b38= w11- b36- b52+
42 David L Martin WLS 2180 b12- w22= b20= w29= b48= w34- b51= w35- b45= w50+ b39=
43 Robert S McFarland ENG 2215 b1- w37= b49= w51+ b29- w31- b48= w45= b35= w47+ b27-
44 Michael J Yeo ENG 2210 b15- w50+ b6= w27+ b4- w21= b39+ w13- b29- w20- w40=
45 Paul S Cooksey ENG 2115 b21- w34+ b30- w24- b20= w27- b46+ b43= w42= b37- w48= 4
46 Richard J Gaughan ENG 2085 b39- w20= b22- b41- w52= b50= w45- w49+ b51+ w35- b47= 4
47 John K Robinson ENG   b31- w16- b48- b52= w50= b49+ w35+ w39= b34- b43- w46= 4
48 Ruth Sheldon ENG 2185wf w25- b11- w47+ b36- w42= b35= w43= b40- b50- w52+ b45= 4
49 Michael Binks ENG 2110 w14- b36= w43= b26- b34- w47- w50= b46- w52+ b51+ w37-
50 James J McDonnell IRL 2055 w40- b44- b34- w23- b47= w46= b49= b52= w48+ b42- w51=
51 Leighton Williams WLS 2135 w26= b7- w23= b43- w35= b52= w42= b11- w46- w49- b50= 3
52 Andrew Fish WLS 2165 w38- b35- b29- w47= b46= w51= b16- w50= b49- b48- w41- 2

1995 British Ladies Champion: Harriet Hunt
1995 British Under-21 Champion: Matthew D Sadler
IM norm: Simon Williams

1995 Major Open, Swansea

1995 BCF Major Open Nat'y Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total 
1 Gary Quillan ENG 2290 b59+ w37+ b22= w8+ b14+ w3+ b2- b4+ w24+ b12+ w15+
2 Andrew L Mack ENG 2245 b67+ w39= b20+ w83+ b4+ w16+ w1+ b8= w15= b3= w12=
3 Darryl Wolstencroft ENG 2185 w123+ b82+ w30= b39+ w12+ b1- w14= b23+ w8+ w2= b4+
4 Alan G Grant SCO 2140 w95+ b85+ w64+ b63+ w2- b24+ b45+ w1- b9+ w19+ w3- 8
5 Adam C Hunt (U18 ch) ENG 2180 w89= b88+ w72+ b13= w44= b36+ w39= b32= w10+ b15= w24+ 8
6 Rohan M Churm ENG 2115 w80- b68- w95+ b109+ w43- b123+ w85+ b57+ w27+ b14+ b9=
7 Lee A Grinsell ENG 2130 b102= w110= b43= w87= b71+ w98+ b34- w94+ b51= w45+ b19+
8 Andrew JC Hammond ENG   w108+ b80+ w10= b1- w72+ b44+ w17+ w2= b3- b24= w31+
9 Kalim Ullah Khan BAN 2235 w83= b97+ w28= b76+ w38- b48+ w29+ b54+ w4- b17+ w6=
10 John E Littlewood ENG 2290f b84+ w41+ b8= w14- b20+ w23= b40= w43+ b5- w37+ b25+
11 Oliver Rosten ENG 2190 b49+ w46= b26= w38- b67+ w94- b59+ w83+ b20+ b18= w23+
12 Alan P Spice ENG 2180 b43= w71+ b94+ w29+ b3- w41+ b19= w34+ b26+ w1- b2=
13 Andrew N Dyce WLS 2135 b110= w106+ b50= w5= b26- w21= b77+ w87= b43+ w51+ b18= 7
14 Stewart G Haslinger ENG 2145 w104+ b26= w86+ b10+ w1- b22+ b3= w19= b35= w6- b39+ 7
15 Thomas Hinks-Edwards ENG 2250 b62+ w20= b40+ w22= b41= w29= b83+ w39+ b2= w5= b1- 7
16 Tim Jaksland DEN 2240 w26- b119+ w61+ b82+ w22+ b2- w23- b28- w77+ b62+ w38+ 7
17 Alex Lewis ENG 2140 b90+ w78- b81+ w26= b94= w64+ b8- w21+ b40+ w9- b50+ 7
18 Richard G Pert ENG 2110 bye= bye= bye=   b107+ w78+ b50= w98+ b34+ w11= w13= 7
19 R Alan Barton ENG 2245 w48+ b23= w114+ b30+ w24= b54= w12= b14= w44+ b4- w7-
20 Marc C Bautista ENG 2080 w109+ b15= w2- b70+ w10- b77= w68+ b96+ w11- b54+ w32=
21 Christopher Beckett ENG   w27= b52- w120+ b36- w47+ b13= w63+ b17- w96+ b42= w57+
22 Daniel L Bisby ENG 2120 w91+ b44+ w1= b15= b16- w14- b98- w81= w95+ b92+ w67+
23 D Michael Denison ENG 2065 b122+ w19= w96= b52= w32+ b10= b16+ w3- w54= b57+ b11-
24 Tim R Dickinson ENG 2180 b81+ w105+ b29= w34+ b19= w4- b94+ w45+ b1- w8= b5-
25 John A Dodgson ENG 2130 w88= b100= w85- b68= w106+ b76= w93+ b64+ w32= b44+ w10-
26 Christopher Franklin ENG 2250 b16+ w14= w11= b17= w13+ b57= w30= b38+ w12- b28= w36=
27 Alexis M Harakis ENG 2215 b21= w92+ b39- w94- b81+ w59= b84+ w41+ b6- w58+ b29=
28 Chris I Howell ENG 2080 b113+ w50= b9= w51= b34- w102+ bye= w16+ b33= w26= b35=
29 Milton Ioannides ENG 2050 b124+ w66+ w24= b12- w52+ b15= b9- w50= w92+ b32= w27=
30 John C Moore ENG 2120 b112+ w58+ b3= w19- b78+ w34= b26= w51= b45= w35= b33=
31 David M Moskovic ENG 2165 w64- b95+ w49= b60= w93+ b97- w76+ b48= w65+ b36+ b8-
32 John Naylor ENG 2240 b92= w103+ b83- w53+ b23- w46+ b49+ w5= b25= w29= b20=
33 David Parr ENG 2220 w76= b72- w71= b123+ w77= b60= w61+ b82+ w28= b38= w30=
34 Andrew Philip Smith IRL 2290f w74+ b114= w36+ b24- w28+ b30= w7+ b12- w18- b46= w53+
35 Paul L Williamson ENG 2200 w77= b89= w93+ b64= w97= b61+ w38= b36= w14= b30= w28=
36 David Wise ENG   b106= w70+ b34- w21+ b59+ w5- b75+ w35= b39+ w31- b26=
37 Philip Almond ENG   w98+ b1- w90+ b44- w85- b70= w72+ b60+ w48+ b10- w43= 6
38 Joseph P Conlon ENG 2040 w44- b108+ w80+ b11+ b9+ w45- b35= w26- b87+ w33= b16- 6
39 Edward J Dearing SCO 2060 w116+ b2= w27+ w3- b51+ w50+ b5= b15- w36- b52+ w14- 6
40 Keith Escott ENG   b120= w102+ w15- b89+ w64= b85+ w10= b44- w17- b68= w72+ 6
41 Timothy G Hare ENG   w117+ b10- w68+ b85+ w15= b12- w96= b27- w82+ b47= w44= 6
42 Mandy S Haslinger ENG 2060w b56= w87= b110+ w50- b102= w83- b78= w105+ b71+ w21= b51= 6
43 Mark Kambites ENG   w12= b54= w7= bye= b6+ b63+ w57= b10- w13- w84+ b37= 6
44 David J Ledger ENG 2305f b38+ w22- b69+ w37+ b5= w8- b66+ w40+ b19- w25- b41= 6
45 John Merriman ENG 2300 w97= b61= w48+ b73+ w63+ b38+ w4- b24- w30= b7- w46= 6
46 Joel KM Newman ENG 2050 w121+ b11= w52= b96= w54- b32- w95+ w70= b98+ w34= b45= 6
47 Robert C Noyce ENG 2205 b71= w94- b87- w113+ b21- w103+ b81= w76+ b78+ w41= b49= 6
48 John M Potter ENG   b19- w112+ b45- w90+ b117+ w9- b67+ w31= b37- w81= b78+ 6
49 Norman Solomon ENG   w11- b116+ b31= w79+ w86= b96= w32- b66+ w57- b65+ w47= 6
50 F Norman Stephenson ENG 2275 w65+ b28= w13= b42+ w57= b39- w18= b29= w62= b64+ w17- 6
51 David J Walker ENG 2330 w82- b104+ w65+ b28= w39- b74+ w52+ b30= w7= b13- w42= 6
52 Robert F Willmoth ENG 2200 b60= w21+ b46= w23= b29- w62+ b51- w71= b94+ w39- b81+ 6
53 Chris A Baker ENG 2005                      
54 J E Beedle ENG                        
55 David K Evans WLS 2205                      
56 Martyn Goodger ENG                        
57 Andrew N Greet ENG 2155               w6-      
58 William Hewitt WLS 2085                      
59 Christine Jensen DEN 2015 w1-                    
60 Aiden M Leech ENG   w52=                    
61 Roger D W Marsh ENG                        
62 R Newton ENG                        
63 Marcus E Osborne ENG 2160       w4-              
64 Edmund C Player ENG       b4-                
65 Andrew E Ram ENG 2015                      
66 Ben D Savage ENG 2195                      
67 Antony Sheehan WLS 2005 w2-                    
68 Andrew J S Slough ENG     w6+                  
69 Leon H Wooldridge ENG                        
70 Gary R Andriessen ENG                         5
71 Michael J Blakemore WLS                         5
72 John A Feavyour ENG       b5-                 5
73 David G Flower WLS 2070                       5
74 David J Garner ENG 2020                       5
75 Gareth Hughes WLS 2235                       5
76 Ian G Kelly ENG                     w102+   5
77 Nicholas S Lee ENG                         5
78 Paul A Lesniowski ENG                         5
79 Richard Millward ENG 2140                       5
80 Colin R Moore ENG   b6+                     5
81 Richard P F Morgan ENG                         5
82 Adam J Musson WLS     w3-                   5
83 Richard J Savory ENG 2080       b2-               5
84 Thomas Walton ENG                         5
85 David J Whitehead ENG     w4-         b6-         5
86 Philip S Brown ENG 2125                      
87 Peter E Chaplin ENG                        
88 Tristram D P De Piro SCO     w5-                  
89 SR Williams     b5=                    
90 John S Garnett ENG                        
91 Nicholas D Mitchem ENG                        
92 Stephen Mulligan ENG 2275                      
93 David J Spence ENG                        
94 Alec J Toll ENG                        
95 Neville R Twitchell ENG   b4-   b6-                
96 Gordon Botley ENG 2220                       4
97 Michael P Cook ENG                         4
98 Kieran Coughlan                           4
99 Abigail Dyce (Cast) WLS 2050                       4
100 Daniel C Gibbs ENG                         4
101 John Gillibrand ENG                         4
102 Emily Howard ENG                     b76-   4
103 Ed J G Hurwitz ENG                         4
104 Heather Lang SCO                         4
105 Arpi Shah IND                         4
106 Marc A Shaw ENG                         4
107 Moshe Talberg RSA                         4
108 S[haun E?] Taylor ENG                         4
109 Fritz W Vanderwal AUS         w6-               4
110 Ludger M Flunkert                          
111 Tim Hebbes ENG                        
112 Adrian C Laurence ENG                        
113 D Levy                          
114 KA Lim                          
115 James S Macrae SCO                        
116 SC Mills                          
117 E Ryan                          
118 Claire Byrne                           3
119 Susan C Howell ENG                         3
120 Robert A J Hurn WLS                         3
121 Charles W D Marsh ENG                         3
122 Nathan A Ben                          
123 Ian P Judd ENG b3-           w6-           2
124 Robert J Hulley ENG                        

Contested as part of the Major Open. Champion: Adam Hunt (Oxford). Girls' Under 18 Champion: Mandy Haslinger


1 Lim Kok-Ann (Singapore) 5½/7; 2 Malcolm Peart (Scarborough) 5; 3= Michael Fox, Roelof D Westra 4½; 5= JG Andrews, H James Draisey 4; 7= Fred R Appleton, Peter C Doye, James R Nicolson, Joseph M Soesan 3½; 11 David A S Buckland 3; 12 FG Hatto 2½; 13 Anthony C Summers 1½; 14 Frank A Boagey ½.


1-2 Aiden M Leech (Maidenhead), Ian A Debbage (Swindon) 5½/7, 3 Mark Roberts (Sevenoaks) 4½; 4= Nathan S W Alfred, Ruth A Bates, Paul A Carpenter, David A Gold, SA White 4; 9= DJ Lewis, AP Mills, JE Mills 3½; 12 Rupesh H Tailor 3; 13= Timothy E L Douglas, MJ Holt 2½; 15 David E Buckley 1½; 16 Amy Lydia Kieran ½.

Girls' Champion: Ruth A Bates (Richmond)


1-2 Nathan S W Alfred (Beckenham), Aiden M Leech (Maidenhead) 5½/7; 3= Richard Jones (Solihull), Carl Moxley (Chipping Norton) 5; 5= Ruth A Bates, Stephen A Deall, David A Gold, Jessica Ho, Peter A Levermore, Philip R Pugh 4½; 11= L Bailey, R Cleveland, Scott A Crockart, Ian A Debbage, Alex J Edmans 4; 16= David E Buckley, J Edwards, Elise Ford, Mark Roberts, Tomas Thrower 3½; 21= Lucy J Broomfield, L Collins, P Hinton, Catherine Holmes, Ellen Walker, John P Weatherlake 3; 27= Paul A Carpenter, S Gerrard, Timothy C Kiddell 2½; 30= A Douglas, Matthew P George, S Goodhew 2; 33 Piers E B Crombleholme 1½; 34 L James ½.

Girls' Co-Champions Ruth A Bates (Richmond) & Jessica Ho (Maidstone)


1-2 Peter A Levermore (Scunthorpe), Timothy Manuel (London) 5/7; 3= Brendan Newell (Manchester), Nayan Shah (Ashby-de-la-Zouch), Jay Stockham (Middlesbrough), Leigh J Debbage (Swindon) 4½; 7= Josephine H Badger, Elise Ford, Jessica Ho 4; 10= L James, N Kumar, Matthew J Lewsey, Andrew D Walden-Jones, Ellen Walker 3½; 15= D Hutson, N Watson 3; 17= A Douglas, L Powell 2½; 19 C McCaul 1½.

Girls Champions Josephine H Badger (Norwich), Jessica Ho (Maidstone) and Elise Ford (Ashton-under-Lyne)


1-3 David J Hodge (Dawlish), Richard S Jones (Swansea), Richard Palliser (Beverley) 5½/7; 4= Leigh J Debbage, D Gallagher, S Jones, Ben Murray-Watson, John C Warris 5; 9= Josephine H Badger, AmandaJ John, Jonathan B Mutton, M White 4½; 13= Melanie Buckley, Oliver Gill, Graeme Kafka, Laurence Rackham, Heather Richards, Tobias Stock, Jay Stockham, Jonathan Swindells, Richard J Watts 4; 22= Russell Dickie, Anthony M Eskinazi, R Glover, Anna F Hardy, Tim Hebbes, James McRobbie, Charlotte Monniot, Anthony Spary 3½; 30= David W Bates, Dai Carpenter, Michael Coupe, David A Froud, J Hart, T Holmes, R Knight, I Moore, Reece L J Newell, D Steel, A Willetts 3; 41= R George, L Hooper, N Kumar 2½; 44= Harry K Boardman, J Bourke, H Cobb, R Singh 2; 48 S Thomas 1½; 49 R Haynes 1; 50 S Lambert ½.

Girls' Co-Champions Josephine H Badger (Norwich) and Amanda J John (Swansea)


1 Matthew P Broomfield (London) 6/7; 2 Jonathan B Mutton (Peterborough) 5½; 3= Adway Chowduri (India), Anthony M Eskinazi (London), Thomas Dougherty (London), Desmond Tan (Mitcham) 5; 7= Ross Rattray, Heather Richards, T Wood 4½; 10= Stephen P Clark, P Davies, Matthew D Feld, M Georgiou, R Knight, Reece L J Newell, Tobias Stock, M White 4; 18= A Blake, A Draper, J Foster, J Gallagher, David N Greet, Amanda J John, Bernhard M Klein, Alexander Longson 3½; 26= E Armstrong, David W Bates, J Kent, R Singh, Simon Thanesan 3; 31= Oliver N Bright, A Dickinson, Robert Giddens, P Higgins, R Pike, Anthony Spary 2½; 37= I Gunn, R Murphy 2; L Hopper 1; Philip G J Luen 0.

Girls’ Champion Heather Richards (Whitstable)


1 Simon T Buckley (Bath) 6½/7; 2-4 Stephen P Clark (Gerrards Cross), Alvin N Kissoon (Maidstone), Bernhard M Klein (Liverpool) 5½; 5= G Bates, Adway Chowdhuri, Nicholas B Kingston-Smith, Nicholas D Timms, Andrew D Walden-Jones, Laurie Waller 5; 11= Matthew P Broomfield, Stephen J E Casement, J Foster, Matthew J Lewsey 4½; 15= Stephen C Bough, T Bourne, Toby Haslinger, A Hughes, Matthew C King, Chris J A Rawlinson, Claire Thrower, Peter M Titmas, John C Tompson, Jack Waller, Jason K Werbeloff 4; 26= Christopher R Charman, A Draper, David Kay, Himanshu Kumar, R Hooring, Kieran J Newell, Philip J Peck, Sophie Tidman, Graham Walker, N Ward, Ravi Wariyar, S Williams 3½; 38= O Colley, Craig Hanley, Victoria L Kowalkowski, C Morrison, K Nicholas, R Scott 3; 44= Nicholas A Frost, David Ho, P Holmes, J McDonnell, Leila Nathoo, R Peever, R White 2½; 51= Heather L Coupe, M Davis, C Kay, A Rose, L Williams 2; 56= H Bates, D John, O John, A Roberts 1½; 60 Stephanie A Byway 1.

Girls' Champion Claire Thrower (Sutton)


1 Alvin N Kissoon (Maidstone) 7/7; 2= David Ho (Maidstone), Matthew C King (Cobham), Peter M Titmas (Maidstone) 5½; 5= Kumardip Chakraborty, Jonathan M Fish, Simon Jeffares, David Shaw, Nicholas D Timms, Liam D Varnam, Graham Walker 5; 12= Toby Haslinger, Krunal Kahar, Thomas M Kneafsey, Himanshu Kumar 4½; 16= Kenan Boztas, J Buchanan, Lorin D'Costa, C Dixon, Stephen C Froud, Gawain C B Jones, Oliver J Luen, Daniel McGowan, Leila Nathoo, Kieran J Newell, David N G H Preiskel, Chris J A Rawlinson, Murugan Thiruchelvam, Joseph D Weekley, Alison N W Winston 4; 31= D Atherton, Jonathan L B Blackburn, Timothy K Chase, M Graham, J Rennie, M Richards, L Williams 3½; 38= E Carey, S Cooper, Katherine L Feld, David S D Gunn, Christobell E K Harrington, L Hunt, A John, Emily Manuel, P Richards, Mark H Rushmore, L Styles, R Taylor, James Thanesan 3; 51= H Bates, C Morrison, Neil D Tailor, A Taylor, R White, Tony A W Winston 2½; 57= M Burgess, K Davies, Michael W Healey, A Murphy, Annabel C Schleh, J Williams 2; 63= D Morrison, B Williams 1½; 65 Heather Walker 1; 66 Andy T Daffern 0

Girls' Co-Champions Leila Nathoo (Twickenham) and Alison N W Winston (Edgware)


1 Kumardip Chakraborty (India) 6½/7; 2-3 Gawain C B Jones (Guisborough), Himanshu Kumar (India) 6; 4= Oliver D Brookes, Jonathan M Fish, Simon Jeffares 5½; 7= Kenan Boztas, Ameet Ghasi, David Ho, Thomas E Rendle, Murugan Thiruchelvam 5; 12= David C Bareham, Simon/Sam Buckley, Philip Cable, Tom Cameron, Daniel R Caps, Oliver E D Coddington, M Graham, Krunal Kahar, J Lutton, C Marsh, A O'Neill, B Payne, M Richards, P Richards, Peter M Titmas 4½; 27= D Armstrong, Timothy K Chase, Richard G Fitton, Christobell E K Harrington, Michael W Healey, D Marmot, D McGowan, K Nicholas, Emily L Player, A Taylor 4; 37= Michael Bridger, A Britton, S Cooper, A Ferguson, Nathan A J Gauge, J Lutton, Nicola Mangion, Timothy Manton, Leila Nathoo, R Thomas, J Williams, Timothy Woodward 3½; 49= James Berlin, Tye A Byram, S Carpenter, Benjamin T Edelshain, Sumeet K Ghasi, Lydia M Goodwin, S Griffiths, C Hall, C Hammond, Christopher G Hansell, Harvinderpal S Landa, D Morrison, D Stephens, H Taylor, Heather Walker, L Williams 3; 65= Suzie G Blackburn, R Hardman, James C J Rudland, James Thanesan 2½; 69= R Banks, Jalina Belle, Francesca Berlin, S Greenhalgh, Amir A M Habibi, Sara C Higgins, Anand Kahar, A Noble, M Taylor, P Taylor, J Williams 2; 80 C Hammond 1½; 81= S Burns, Cheyenn Perriera, Dujon Toussaint 1; 84 Sahir Hangoebl-Shahzad 0.

Girls’ Co-Champions Christobell E K Harrington (Ipswich) and Emily L Player (Stowmarket)


1 Kumardip Chakraborty (India) 6/7; 2= Ameet Ghasi (Birmingham), Gawain C B Jones (Guisborough), Himanshu Kumar (India) 5; 5= Adam Eckersley-Waites, Sumeet K Ghasi, M Moore, D Morrison, P Reid 4½; 10= S Buckley, Tye A Byram, Tom Eckersley-Waites, Stephen J Gordon, Matthew P Jellett, Graham Morris, Thomas E Rendle, Daniel J Skelton, Murugan Thiruchelvam 4; 19= A Ferguson, C Hall, C Kay, E Lutton, A Norton, Tony A W Winston 3½; 25= Jacob R Abondolo, Suzie G Blackburn, Chetan Deva, Samuel J Gilding, S Greenhalgh, Sara C Higgins, Mervin R Kissoon, Nathan O’Grady, B Payne, James C J Rudland, Hector Wakefield, Heather Walker, R White, J Williams, L Williams, Timothy Woodward 3; 41= Amir A M Habibi, C MacDonald 2½, 43= W Foster, P Hayward, James P Heppell, Nicholas P Jellett, Anand Kahar, Sophie Kingston-Smith, Claire H Morris, K Nicholas, M Potter, Lakshman Ruthirapathy, N Scott, C Smith, J Talbot 2; 56 S Wilkin 1½; 57= Francesca Berlin, D Clara, H Draper, James P Gravelle, Charles W Heppell 1.

Girls' Co-Champions: Suzie G Blackburn (Stoke-on-Trent), Sara C Higgins (Sevenoaks) and Heather Walker (Southend)


Blackburne Section: 1 Jeremy N Fraser-Mitchell (St Albans) 8/11; 2 J Holland (Holt) 7½; 3= R Webster, Stephen J Connor, Timothy Lunn 7...
Staunton Section: 1 Martyn J Harris (Newcastle-under-Lyme) 8½/11; 2 Andrew Foulds (Oakham) 8...
Atkins Section: 1 Alexander F M Meynell (London) 8/14; 2 Nicholas J Savory (Dereham) 7½... (8 players)


Harry Baines Memorial: 1 Charles H Storey (Newcastle) 7½/9; 2 Colin Walton (Durham); 3 Roger J Ditchburn (Eskdale) 6... 20 players. Grading Prizes to R Downing, J Timms

Morning Section A: 1 Chris J Morrison (Vietnam) 4½/ 5; 2= D Ross Brennan (Hatfield), R Carpenter (Torquay), Gerald Moore (Hounslow) 4... 26 players. Grading Prize to T Douglas

Morning Section B: 1 Hugh Flockhart (Edinburgh) 4½/5; 2 R Jones (Swansea) 4; 3= Simon N Anscombe (Holmfirth), M Pearson (London), John Shaddick (Basingstoke) 314... 21 players

Afternoon Section: 1-2 Chris A Ray (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), John J Young (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 4/5... 8 players


Harry Baines Memorial: 1 Roland B Cole (Truro) 9/9; 2 J Burgess (Sale) 6½; 3 Colin R Ramage (Barking) 6... 19 players. Grading Prize to Klem Majewski

Morning Section A: 1 Gerald Moore (Harlow) 4½/5; 2 D Williams (Ammanford) 4; 3= Peter W Hempson (Sheffield), Nick C Jones (Witney), Lester I Millin (Oxford), Kenneth I Norman (Wokingham) 3½... 21 players

Morning Section B: 1-3 Ivor S Annetts (Tiverton), J Coleman (Birmingham), Patrick C Ribbands (Cambridge) 4... 24 players

Afternoon Section: 1-2 Russell A James (Rugby), Timothy Kett (London) 4/5... 11 players


Intermediate: 1-2 C Evans (Rhondda), D Lee (London) 4½/5... 27 players

Minor: 1 Allan J Short (Witney) 5½/6; 2 M Thomas (Kettering) 5... 28 players

RAPIDPLAY: 1-4 Tim R Dickinson (Banbury), Adam C Hunt (Oxford), Graham D Lee (Oakham), Matthew J Turner (Scunthorpe) 5... 61 players. Grading Prizes to S Mitchell, D Everitt, Christian McCaul, Joseph Timms


We last visited Swansea in 1987 when Nigel Short won the Championship. The venue, a bowls hall in The Leisure Centre, is plenty big enough at 12,000 sq.ft, but certainly is not without its problems. We knew there was an inadequate number of side rooms. Thus there was no real analysis room in the afternoons and the Commentary Room usually had to be reset each day. However, the main problem was that the whole of Europe was gripped by a heat wave and it was also extremely humid. The forced ventilation in the Centre was quite unable to cope and it was impossible to find huge fans which, in any case, would only have swirled sticky air around. Not as bad as Cuba where Tony Miles said it is his custom after a game to return to his room, take a shower, and only then undress, but bad enough. Naturally this led to some organisers and players moving at half their normal speed. A great pity because there is no doubt that Swansea is a fine place to spend two weeks in the summer. Still, most of the 923 entries enjoyed themselves.

The British Championship was hotly contested. First Matthew Sadler and Aaron Summerscale took the lead but then Chris Ward put a spoke in the young grandmaster’s wheels and beat him so that there was no clear leader at the end of the first week. Keith Arkell was the next to strike the front with 6/7 but again Chris did his work to bring him back to earth. Now Jonathan Parker led with 6½/8 but Jonathan Levitt beat him to take the lead with 7/9. Chris was unable to fulfil his destiny and beat Jonathan Levitt in round 10. They only drew and this brought a last round encounter between Matthew Sadler and Jonathan Levitt which the younger GM won convincingly. This may seem to have been just a game of musical chairs which happened to conclude with a win by Matthew but he achieved the best rating performance of 2619 and Aaron Summerscale’s second with 8/11 was the next best with 2581. Only Simon Williams achieved an IM norm but other youngsters such as Richard Bates, Brian Kelly, Luke McShane, Nicholas Pert, Charles Cobb and James Vigus added to their reputations.

The Major Open attracted 124 entries, a record. This is clearly partly due to the fact that international ratings have now been extended down to 2005. Gary Quillan won the tournament clearly enough, despite losing to Andrew Mack who finished joint second with Darryl Wolstencroft. Adam Hunt showed a welcome return to form, winning the British Under 18 Championship, sharing joint honours with his sister Harriet who won the British Ladies’. Mandy Haslinger won the Under-18 Girls', her eighth such title. One more to go to equal her sister’s record nine. Brothers Gareth and Stewart have each held a junior title apiece. Seven players achieved full international ratings and 18 partials.

The British Championships are open to players from the Commonwealth and South African players broke new ground in playing for the first time. We are more used to seeing Indians come and often walk off with junior trophies. This year was no exception.

Graham Lee and Andrew Martin formed the Commentary team. Both said they would have been unable to keep up the flow alone. Our cricket match is a long-established tradition. Less expected was the way in which we routed the opposition. A bridge match now seems an established custom and we drew honourably against the local Swansea Club. Something is going to have to be done about the Ledger brothers winning the Quiz. A football match had been scheduled but the centre converted the hall into an ice rink at the last moment. I chickened out of arranging ice hockey instead. I was uncertain our insurance would cover this activity.

The BCF took the opportunity to honour Welsh organisers. Frank Hatto was invested as a Honorary Life Member and Peter Purland received the Richard Boxall Plate for services to the Congress. Other organisers included Richard Furness, David Welch, George Smith, Mike O'Hara, David, Paul and Richard Carpenter, Eric Croker, Victor Cross, Roger Edwards, Neil Graham, Alex McFarlane, Rod McShane, Peter Purland, John Robinson, Phil Short, Kevin Staveley, John Turnock, Monica Vann, David Wallace, Gerry Walsh, Alec Webster, David Woodruff, Mike Burrows and Denis Walker. Chess Magazine staff created the bulletins of the Championship and Junior while Monica Vann put together that for the Major Open.

Traditions continuously grow at this event. The Roy Clues Junior Chess Challenge may be one such. This was named for the past President of the Welsh Chess Union who died earlier this year. It was an 8 player double-round jamboree won by England Over-11, with teams from the Czech Republic, Wales, England Under-11 and the Commonwealth competing. This is the first time there has ever been a Commonwealth side. The Roy Clues Trophy for the most meritorious performance by a Welsh player at the congress was provided anonymously but presented at the prizegiving by his three sons and awarded to Richard Jones who shared the Under-13 title.

The venue at Nottingham University will be smaller next year (although there will be ample side rooms) but, rest assured, the weather will be cold. The East Midlands Conference Centre is fully air-conditioned.

Stewart Reuben

Richard Boxall Plate 1995: Peter Purland

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