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Tournament: 81st British Championship • 236 games (from a possible 286) plus 131 games from Major Open & junior sections
Venue: Norwich • Dates: 1-12 August 1994 • Download PGN • last updated Saturday February 25, 2023 11:10 PM

1994 British Chess Championship, Norwich, 1–12 August - Norwich Sport Village 1993« »1995

1994 British Chess Championship Nat'y Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  Total 
1 William N Watson ENG 2525g w38+ b26+ w3= b10+ w2+ b4= w27+ b12= w8+ b5+ w7= 9
2 James C Howell ENG 2505m b46+ w6+ b10= w13= b1- w22+ b32+ w3= w4+ b12+ w15+
3 Keith C Arkell ENG 2470m b44+ w33+ b1= w22+ b4= w12= b14= b2= w7+ w15= b9=
4 Christopher G Ward ENG 2490m w30+ b15+ w5= b9+ w3= w1 — b12= w14+ b2- w13+ b6=
5 Mark L Hebden ENG 2520g b27+ w20+ b4= w14= b13= w6= b11= w9= b24+ w1- b16+ 7
6 Andrew J Ledger ENG 2385f w39+ b2- w42+ b18= w35+ b5= w8= b19= b14= w10+ w4= 7
7 Andrew A Webster ENG 2405m b45+ w12= b14- w44+ b29= w18= b30+ w27+ b3- w9+ b1= 7
8 John M Emms ENG 2535m b37+ w13= b22- w21= b42+ w31+ b6= w11+ b1- w16= b14=
9 Mark Ferguson ENG 2330 w29= b40+ w38+ w4- b32= b25= w26+ b5= w19+ b7- w3=
10 Michael T Hennigan ENG 2465m w49+ b11+ w2= w1- b27- b30- w47+ b35+ w32+ b6- w19+
11 Geoff W Lawton ENG 2375m b42+ w10- b18- w45+ b34+ w29+ w5= b8- b13= w24+ w12=
12 Paul A Motwani SCO 2520g w21+ b7= w25+ b28= w31+ b3= w4= w1= b15= w2- b11=
13 Neil R McDonald ENG 2420m w35+ b8= w16+ b2= w5= b27- w25= b44+ w11= b4- w28+
14 Aaron P Summerscale ENG 2440m w32+ b25= w7+ b5= w28+ b19= w3= b4- w6= b20= w8=
15 Matthew J Turner ENG 2395f b48+ w4- b44= w32- b46+ w17+ b18+ w22+ w12= b3= b2-
16 Graeme N Buckley ENG 2295f b17= w24+ b13- w20+ w19- b26- w39+ b29+ w36+ b8= w5- 6
17 Stephen Gillen IRL   w16= b36+ w28- b25= w26= b15- w38+ b21= w44= b32+ w20= 6
18 David A Knox ENG 2215 w28- b43+ w11+ w6= b22= b7= w15- b26= w25= b44+ w21= 6
19 Mahmood Lodhi PAK 2450m b24= w41+ b31= w27= b16+ w14= b20= w6= b9- w30+ b10- 6
20 Ali Mortazavi ENG 2410m w50+ b5- w21= b16- w47+ b35+ w19= b32= b27= w14= b17= 6
21 Matthew S Piper ENG 2255 b12- w45+ b20= b8= w30= w24- b31+ w17= b22= w34+ b18= 6
22 David J Walker ENG 2300f w43+ b28= w8+ b3- w18= b2- w23+ b15- w21= b25= w35+ 6
23 Rowan M Brown ENG 2135 w25- b32= w36- b47= w49+ w45+ b22- b38- w46= b48+ w44+
24 Stuart C Brown ENG 2230 w19= b16- w40= b26- w50+ b21+ w36+ b25+ w5- b11- w30=
25 Lawrence Cooper ENG 2320f b23+ w14= b12- w17= b33+ w9= b13= w24- b18= w22= b27=
26 David H Cummings ENG 2415m b51+ w1- b27- w24+ b17= w16+ b9- w18= b30- w41+ b31=
27 Andrew D Harley ENG 2255f w5- b50+ w26+ b19= w10+ w13+ b1- b7- w20= b28- w25=
28 Andrew D Martin ENG 2420m b18+ w22= b17+ w12= b14- w32- b29= w30= b34= w27+ b13-
29 Donald J Mason ENG   b9= w34= b33= b36+ w7= b11- w28= w16- b37- b46+ w47+
30 F Norman Stephenson ENG 2245 b4- w48+ b34- w40+ b21= w10+ w7- b28= w26+ b19- b24=
31 David J Tebb ENG 2295 w40= b47+ w19= w34+ b12- b8- w21- b41= w35= b39+ w26=
32 David J Coleman ENG 2230 b14- w23= b41+ b15+ w9= b28+ w2- w20= b10- w17- b37= 5
33 Russell J Dive NZL 2315f w52+ b3- w29= b35- w25- b47- w48= b43+ w45+ b38= w36= 5
34 Tunveer M D Gillani PAK 2405 w47= b29= w30+ b31- w11- w42+ b44- b45+ w28= b21- w38= 5
35 Kieran R C Greer IRL 2205 b13- w37= b48+ w33+ b6- w20- b46+ w10- b31= w42+ b22- 5
36 David J Ledger ENG 2300f b41= w17- b23+ w29- b39+ w44= b24- w42+ b16- w37= b33= 5
37 Robert S McFarland ENG 2290 w8- b35= w39= b42- w41= b43= w45- b50+ w29+ b36= w32= 5
38 David R Neil ENG 2285 b1- w51+ b9- w39= b44- w40+ b17- w23+ b41= w33= b34= 5
39 John N T Abd-Mariam ENG 2175 b6- w46= b37= b38= w36- w51+ b16- b47= w49+ w31- b40=
40 David J Faulkner ENG   b31= w9- b24= b30- w51= b38- w52= b49= w48+ b47= w39=
41 Cathy Forbes ENG 2120wm w36= b19- w32- b49= b37= w46= b51+ w31= w38= b26- w43=
42 Kenneth B McEwan SCO 2160 w11- b49+ b6- w37+ w8- b34- w43+ b36- w47= b35- w50+
43 Richard Millward ENG   b22- w18- b51+ w46= b45- w37= b42- w33- w50+ b52+ b41=
44 Jonathan P Nelson ENG   w3- b52+ w15= b7- w38+ b36= w34+ w13- b17= w18- b23-
45 Gregor J M Reid ENG   w7- b21- w50+ b11- w43+ b23- b37+ w34- b33- w49= w52+
46 A Tyson Mordue ENG 2250 w2- b39= w47= b43= w15- b41= w35- b52+ b23= w29- b49= 4
47 Simon K Williams ENG 2185 b34= w31- b46= w23= b20- w33+ b10- w39= b42= w40= b29- 4
48 Karl C C Mah ENG 2175f w15- b30- w35- b50- w52+ b49= b33= w51= b40- w23- b53+
49 Richard W O'Brien IRL 2235 b10- w42- b52= w41= b23- w48= b50= w40= b39- b45= w46=
50 Stephen Macdonald-Ross ENG   b20- w27- b45- w48+ b24- b52= w49= w37- b43- w53+ b42- 3
51 Gerard MacElligott IRL 2200 w26- b38- w43- w52+ b40= b39- w41- b48=       2 / 8
52 Roger D de Coverly ENG 2125 b33- w44- w49= b51- b48- w50= b40= w46- b53- w43- b45-
53 Robert M Furness ENG   filler w52+ b50- w48- 1 / 3

British Ladies’ Champion: Cathy Forbes
British Under-21 Champion: Andrew Webster

Raymond Mays Cars Best Game Prizes were won by Motwani, Howell, Hennigan, Ward (2 each) Ferguson, Harley, Hebden, Lawton, D Ledger, Watson (1 each)

IM norm (and title): Andrew Ledger


1-3 Benjamin Hague, Stephen C Ledger, Michael J Yeo 8½/11; 4-7 R Alan Barton, John Boyd, James E Cobb (British Under-18 Champion), D Wise 8; 8-10 Stephen Dishman, Thomas Hinks-Edwards, Petr Marusenko 7½... 111 players


1 Gerald Botteley (Oakham) 6/7; 2 Malcolm R Peart (Scarborough) 5½; 3= H James Draisey, M Reuser, Roelof Westra 4; 6= James Nicolson, A Pond, A Summers 3½; 9 Joseph Soesan 3; 10 Donald Baldwin 2½; 11 David A S Buckland 2; 12 David Dickson ½.


Contested as part of the Major Open: James Cobb (Swindon). BRITISH GIRLS’ UNDER-18 CHAMPIONSHIP: not contested


1-4 Peter Chaplin (Weston-super-mare), Philip Goldstein (London), Lee Jacobs (Stanmore), Naveen Jain (India) 5/7
Girls Champion Emily Howard (Birkenhead)


1 Naveen Jain (India) 6½/7; 2 Lee Jacobs (Stanmore) 6; 3= C Moxley (Oxford), E Lee (Bedworth) 5; 36 players
Girls Champion Emily Howard (Birkenhead)


1-2 Glen Parker (Eastbourne), Michael Fisher (Edinburgh) 5½/7; 3= H Chand (India), R Clark (Eastbourne), C Beckett (Macclesfield) 5; 37 players
Girls Champions Ruth Bates (Richmond) and Jessica Ho (Maidstone)


1-2 Stephen Deall (Southampton), David Tompson (Oldham) 6/7; 3 A Azzam (Southampton) 5½; 38 players
Girls Champion Jessica Ho (Maidstone)


1-2 Russell Dickie (Bournemouth), Mark Roberts (Sevenoaks) 6/7; 3 Richard Palliser (Beverley) 5½; 49 players
Girls Champions Josephine Badger (Norwich) and Emily Orton (Ipswich)


1 Edmund Player (Stowmarket) 6/7, 2= Thomas Dougherty (London), Antony M Eskinazi (London), Jonathan B Mutton (Peterborough), Tobias Stock (Folkestone), Desmond Tan (Mitcham) 5½; 60 players
Girls Champion Rosalind Kieran (Bexley)


1-2 Stephen Bough (Oxford), Stephen Casement (Canterbury) 6/7; 3= D Chowduri (India), C Harris (London) 5½; 59 players
Girls Champion Tania Sachdev (India)


1-4 Simon Buckley (Bath), Arghyadip Das (India), Martyn Jones (Consett), Tania Sachdev (India) 6/7; 80 players
Girls Champion Tania Sachdev (India)


1 Tania Sachdev (New Delhi) 6/7; 2= J Fish (London), M Graham (London), C Marsh (Harrogate), Peter M Titmas (Maidstone) 5; 58 players
Girls Champion Tania Sachdev (India)


Blackburne Section: 1 Paul C Stokes (London) 8/11; 2= P Barber (Southampton), Timothy Lunn (Ipswich), H Alec Samuels (Southampton) 7½...

Atkins Section: 1 M Harris (Newcastle-under-Lyme) 10½/11; 2 John Loughran (Eire) 8½; 3 Douglas Forbes 7½...


Harry Baines Memorial: 1 Martin Shephard (Norwich) 8½; 2-3 J Anstead (Peterborough), M Dilley (Rushden) 6... 18 players

Morning Section: 1 Roelof Westra (Hull) 4½/5; 2= Stephen Orton (Ipswich), G White (Christchurch), Richard Almond (St Leonards-on-Sea), J Dawson (Norwich), Christopher S Dossett (Bradford), Iain A Stenhouse (Southampton) 4... 44 players - Grading Prizes to P Badger, David Woodruff, R Carpenter, S Kellett, P Raynor, J Danger, A Curry, D Ohlssen

Afternoon Section: 1 T Walker (Nottingham) 4/5; 2 A Primett (Haywards Heath) 3½; 3 Adrian C Laurence (London) 3... 9 players


Harry Baines Memorial: 1-3 Philip M Giulian (Glasgow), John Naylor (Rugby), Martin Shephard (Norwich) 6½/9... 24 players - Grading Prize to I Henderson.

Morning Section A: 1 G Moore (Norwich) 4½/5; 2 D Hall (Norwich) 4; 3= Kenneth I Norman (Wokingham), B Collinson (Norwich), R James (Rugby), N Jones (Carterton), Mark C Bowhay (Basingstoke), P Hansell (Norwich) 3... 30 players

Morning Section B: 1-2 John R Keehner (London), Patrick C Ribbands (Cambridge) 4½/5; 3 I Gibb (Dundee) 4... 28 players

Afternoon Section: 1 Adam Collinson (Nottingham) 4½/5; 2 B Lewis (Manchester) 4; 3-5 Edward Holland, P Walsh, Trefor Thynne 3½... 18 players


Intermediate: 1 J Holland (Holt) 5½/6; 2 J Cooksey (Wolverhampton) 5; 3= C Costello, Neville H Twitchell 4½...25 players

Minor: 1-2 D Horton (Manchester), R Ramsay (Dalkeith) 5/6; 3= C Bell, Douglas Forbes (High Wycombe), S Joshi (Stanmore) 4½ .. 39 players

Rapidplay: 1-2 Graeme Buckley (Bath), Andrew Hammond (St Neots) 5½/6; 3= Bertrand Barlow (Epsom), Mark Ferguson (Haslemere), Graham D Lee (Oakham), Jonathan Nelson (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 5... 66 players

File updated

Date Notes
30 July 2021 First upload to BritBase though most of the games have been available elsewhere for some time. 225 games from the Championship and 1 from the Major Open.
31 July 2021 Correction applied to the score of Motwani 1-0 Piper (rd 1). My thanks to Andy Ansel.
31 July 2021 A further 130 games added: 28 from the Major Open, submitted by Brian Denman, and 102 from junior sections, submitted by Andy Ansel. My thanks to Brian and Andy.
1 August 2021 Despite describing this as "one of my worst ever results," Roger de Coverly has nobly submitted all 11 of his games from the British Championship. This includes a significant correction for his first round game vs Russell Dive which was already on file but previously short on moves and given with the wrong result. Many thanks, Roger. That brings the number of games in the Championship to 235, plus 29 from the Major Open and 102 from junior sections = 366 in total.
25 February 2023 Added one game: R.Millward 0-1 R.Dive (Championship, rd 8).