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Tournament: 6th Lloyds Bank Masters • 149 games from about 1,150 games
Venue: London • Dates: 25 August - 2 September 1982 • Download PGNuploaded Wednesday, 29 May, 2024 6:30 PM

6th Lloyds Bank Masters, 25 August - 2 September 1982, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London

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1982 Lloyds Bank Masters Nat'y Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Total 
1 Anthony J Miles ENG 2565g W90 W10 W38 L25 W50 W13 D 6 W12 D 4 7
2 Lev Gutman ISR 2475m W 8 L68 L55 W43 W35 W44 W29 W18 W 6 7
3 Mark L Hebden ENG 2415me D 5 W106 D14 W11 W16 W25 L 4 W23 W33 7
4 Vlastimil Hort CZE 2600g W39 D18 W91 D13 W69 W29 W 3 D 6 D 1 7
5 Darryl Johansen AUS 2310 D 3 D44 W21 W86 W51 W14 L12 W26 W13 7
6 Lubomir Ftacnik CZE 2535g D79 W104 W 9 W84 W25 W17 D 1 D 4 L 2
7 David J Strauss USA 2395me D105 D65 D28 W87 W80 W30 D 9 D16 W21
8 Richard Britton ENG 2320f L 2 L25 W130 W97 W101 W50 L33 W42 W41 6
9 Jan de Wit NLD (2140) W81 W40 L 6 W77 D30 W19 D 7 D33 D16 6
10 Maxim Dlugy USA 2325me W43 L 1 W58 D32 W65 D28 D14 W30 D12 6
11 John C Hawksworth ENG 2215 D30 W83 D50 L 3 W59 W39 D22 D61 W45 6
12 Raymond D Keene ENG 2505g W20 D84 W78 D30 W66 D18 W 5 L 1 D10 6
13 Sergey Kudrin USA 2480m D88 W47 W102 D 4 W46 L 1 W69 W45 L 5 6
14 Marinus Kuijf NLD 2370 W124 D50 D 3 W39 . W24 L 5 D10 W32 D23 6
15 Amikam Lavie ISR (2200) D75 W120 L51 L44 W1 14 W87 D57 W54 W61 6
16 Jonathan Levitt ENG 2310 W49 D19 W80 D24 W 3 W34 W86 D 7 D 9 6
17 Dibyendu Barua IND 2375 D71 W57 W33 W31 W45 L 6 L26 D27 D1.8
18 Pia Cramling SWE 2260 W64 D 4 W112 D51 W68 D12 D45 L 2 D17
19 Nick de Firmian USA 2475m W61 D16 L30 W103 W111 L 9 W20 D25 D34
20 Tom de Jong NLD (2235) L12 W110 L77 W100 W117 W46 L19 W58 D26
21 John Emms ENG (2220) W114 D55 L 5 D36 W96 W37 D31 W40 L 7
22 Janos Flesch HUN 2410g DBye L103 W63 W52 L29. W58 D11 W67 D31
23 Robert Hartoch NLD 2390m D128 D41 L34 W92 W75 W90 W51 L 3 D14
24 Byron A Jacobs ENG 2205 W54 D32 W111 D16 L14 D66 L40 W55 W71
25 Gunnar Johansson SWE (2170) W74 W 8 W68 W 1 L 6 L 3 D28 D19 D29
26 Daniel J King ENG 2430me L68 W54 W61 D55 D53 W36 W17 L 5 D20
27 Anthony C Kosten ENG 2340 D106 W105 D29 D38 W55 L45 W102 D17 D35
28 Peter G Large ENG 2330 W42 L38 D 7 W37 W32 D10 D25 L29 W67
29 A Jonathan Mestel ENG 2540 W67 D51 D27 W85 W22 L 4 L 2 W28 D25
30 Paul Motwani SCO 2255f D11 W128 W19 D12 D 9 L 7 W55 L10 W52
31 Andrew J Muir SCO 2225 DBye W76 W101 L17 D90 W79 D21 D52 D22
32 Tiruchi Parameswaran IND 2390m D58 D24 W44 D10 L28 W65 W77 L14 W72
33 H James Plaskett ENG 2430m D108 W71 L17 W98 W84 D69 W 8 D 9 L- 3
34 Timothy J Upton SCO 2295 L85 W107 W23 D90 D38 L16 W44 W86 D19
35 Frederik Van der Vliet NLD 2390 L36 D111 W62 D72 L 2 W70 W82 W69 D27
36 Peter Wells ENG 2305 W35 L86 D104 D21 W124 L26 W64 W66 D38
37 Tony Williams ENG (2200) L112 W116 W128 L28 W98 L21 W101 W77 D43
38 Mikhail Zlotnikov USA 2355m W53 W28 L 1 D27 D34 D85 W42 D41 D36
39 John W Branford ENG (2265) L 4 W121 W117 L14 W128 L11 D47 W57 D49 5
40 Stuart C Brown ENG 2215 L60 L 9 W121 D58 W119 W103 W24 L21 D68 5
41 David H Cummings ENG 2325fe D44 D23 L75 W95 D108 W49 W53 D38 L 8 5
42 Gert Jan de Boer NLD 2235 L28 L80 W118 W120 W105 W68 L38 L 8 W78 5
43 Neil F Dickenson ENG 2230 L10 D119 W74 L 2 D70 D83 W91 W107 D37 5
44 Glenn C Flear ENG 2365f D41 D 5 L32 W15 W21 L 2 L34 W82 W85 5
45 Victor Korchnoi SWZ 2635g W130 W77 W86 D69 L17 W27 D18 LI 3 L11 5
46 Ilias Kourkounakis GRC 2310 L50 W79 W70 W108 L13 L20 D72 D85 W80 5
47 Gary W Lane ENG 2260 W97 L13 D82 L107 W54 L77 D39 W111 W99 5
48 Leontxo García Olasagasti ESP 2300 L126 L78 L73 W74 W92 L75 W123- W102 W87 5
49 Steven M Odendahl USA 2395m L16 D108 W103 D78 D107 L41 W59 W75 D39 5
50 Craig W Pritchett SCO 2410m W46 D14 D11 W67 L 1 L 8 D75 W51 D53 5
51 Walter Shipman USA 2345f W106 D29 W15 D18 L 5 W107 L23 L50 W84 5
52 Peter P Taylor ENG (2200) L107 D97 W109 L22 W122 W78 W100 D31 L30 5
53 Praveen Thipsay IND 2430 L38 D75 W56 W83 D26 D86 L41 W84 D50 5
54 Frank Behrhorst FRG 2250 L24 L26 W89 D93 L47 W109 W103 L15 W98
55 Peder Berkell SWE 2345 D65 D21 W 2 D26 L27 W80 L30 L24 W90
56 Albert Blees NLD 2215 L78 D87 L53 L88 W120 W93 W112 D63 D74
57 Clifford Chandler ENG 2235 D83 L17 D119 W125 W72 L102 D15 L39 W93
58 John J Cox ENG 2300fe D32 D96 L10 D40 W62 L22 W111 L20 W95
59 Stephane Derveloy FRA (2040) D82 D62 D71 D104 L11 W76 L49 W112 D66
60 Andreas Fehrig FRG 2255 W40 L69 L90 W73 D77 L67 D78 D87 W60
61 David Friedgood ENG 2320fe L19 W122 L26 D112 W63 W91 D66 D1 1 L15
62 Julian M Hodgson ENG 2385f L69 D59 L35 W94 L58 W116 D90 W108 D75
63 Carey Groves ENG 1880 W115 D125 L22 L111 L61 W97 W117 D56 D64
64 Sheila Jackson ENG 2130wm L18 D82 D79 W115 D102 D88 L36 W98 D63
65 Simon J B Knott ENG 2250 D55 D 7 W93 D75 L10 L32 W104 L72 W92
66 Michael Macdonald-Ross SCO 2220 W100 L85 W114 W91 L12 D24 D61 L36 D59
67 Ralf Marian a.k.a. Runau FRG 2325 L29 W93 W100 L50 D82 W60 W85 L 6 L28
68 Roderick M McKay SCO 2320 W26 W 2 L25 W96 L18 L42 L84 W101 D40
69 Colin A McNab SCO 2360 W62 W60 W85 D45 L 4 D33 L13 L35 D86
70 Kenneth Norman ENG 2245 L51 W95 L46 D122 D43 L35 W115 D74 W103
71 Michael A Pagden ENG 2300 D17 L33 D59 W81 L44 D104 W79 W90 L24
72 Gary Kenworthy ENG 2275 L77 D112 W81 D35 L57 W105 D46 W65 L32
73 Leslie Smart ENG (2075) L80 L100 W48 L60 W127 D117 L98 W104 W102
74 Ian L Thomas ENG (2120) L25 D123 L43 L48 W121 W119 W96 D70 D56
75 R Weimer FRG (2265) D15 D53 W41 D65 L23 W48 D50 L49 D62
76 (Sinclair) Thomas Banks ENG 2220 D102 L31 L96 W120 D93 L59 L80 W123 W112 4
77 Klaus Berg DEN 2335fe W72 L45 W20 L 9 D60 W47 L32 L37 D82 4
78 Neil Bradbury ENG (2140) W56 W48 L12 D49 L86 L52 D60 W100 L42 4
79 Neil Carr ENG (2240) D 6 L46 D64 W106 W112 L31 L71 D83 D88 4
80 Angus Dunnington ENG (2120) W73 W42 L16 D102 L 7 L55 W76 D88 L46 4
81 David Edmonds ENG (2090) L 9 W115 L72 L71 D97 D122 D116 W118 D83 4
82 Joseph Gallagher ENG (2210) D59 D64 D47 D124 D67 W108 L35 L44 D77 4
83 Detlef Heinbuch FRG 2285 D57 L11 W122 L53 D123 D43 D107 D79 D81 4
84 Barbara Hund FRG 2205wg W123 D12 W92 L 6 L33 D111 W68 L53 L51 4
85 Nicholas Ivell ENG 2360 W34 W45 L69 L29 W104 D38 L67 D46 L44 4
86 Leon Lederman ISR 2410m W99 W36 L45 L 5 W78 D53 L16 L34 D69 4
87 Darren L Lee ENG (2150) D96 D56 W106 L 7 D103 L15 W92 D60 L48 4
88 Emmanuel Rayner WLS 2325 D13 L102 L98 W56 D91 D64 D108 D80 D79 4
89 R Van Wieringen NLD (2020) L91 L90 L54 W130 L113 L120 W122 W114 W111 4
90 Karl Bowden ENG (2250) L 1 W89 W60 D34 D31 L23 D62 L71 L55
91 Andrew C L Dyson ENG (2200) W89 W99 L 4 L66 D88 L61 L43 D96 D94
92 Hassan Erdogan ENG (2130) W118 D124 L84 L23 L48 W114 L87 W115 L65
93 Tom Farrand ENG (2200) W94 W67 L65 D54 D76 L56 D61 W117 L57
94 Neil Fox ENG (2080) L93 D109 D99 L62 L110 D106 D114 W122 D91
95 Colin Garwood ENG (2210) D125 L70 D97 L41 W99 L100 D105 W116 L58
96 Claus Hamacher FRG (1950) D87 D58 W76 L68 L21 D98 L74 D91 D108
97 Clive Hill ENG 2210 L47 D52 D95 L 8 D81 L63 DBye D109 W123
98 Edward Lee ENG (2200) D119 D101 W88 L33 L37 D96 W73 L64 L54
99 Bruce Leverett USA 2310 L86 L91 D94 D114 L95 W127 D93 W120 L47
100 Andrew P Lewis ENG 2265 L66 W73 L67 L20 W125 W95 L52 L78 D101
101 Jeanette Mulder NLD 1935 W109 D98 L31 D117 L 8 W123 L37 L68 D100
102 Alan Norris SCO 2280 D76 W88 L13 D80 D64 W57 L27 L48 L73
103 Teresa Needham ENG (2040) W127 W22 L49 L19 D87 L40 L54 W105 L70
104 Zsuzsa Polgar HUN 2135 W120 L 6 D36 D59 L85 D71 L65 L73 W119
105 E Sack ISR 2310 D 7 L27 D107 W119 L42 L72 D95 L103 W120
106 Eric Schiller USA 2240 D27 L 3 L87 L79 D109 D94 L120 W113 W118
107 Kenneth Shovel ENG (2080) W52 L34 D105 W47 D49 L51 D83 L43 L60
108 Gerd Treppner FRG 2310 D33 D49 W125 L46 D41 L82 D88 L62 D96
109 Susan K Walker ENG 1845 L101 D94 L52 L128 D106 L54 W127 D97 W117
110 Andrew P Kinsman ENG (2100)   L20 W116 L76 W94   W113     3
111 Frank Rovekamp FRG (2250) W121 D35 L24 W63 L19 D84 L58 L47 L89 3
112 Philip Walden ENG (2100) W37 D72 L18 D61 L79 W113 L56 L59 L76 3
113 A Watts ENG (2120) L122 L129 L115 W121 W89 L112 L110 L106 W116 3
114 Aleksandar Wohl AUS (2080) L21 W130 L66 D99 L15 L92 D94 L89 W122 3
115 Suzzane Wood ENG 1950 L63 L81 W113 L64 L116 W125 L70 L92 W121 3
116 Clare Watkins WLS (1800) D117 L37 L110 D127 W115 L62 D81 L95 L113
117 (Patricia) Anne Sunnucks ENG 2025wm D116 W127 L39 D101 L20 D73 L63 L93 L109
118 R Chapman ENG (1940) L92   L42 L123 DBye W121 W119 L81 L106
119 Jean Francois LeClerc FRA (1980) D98 D43 D57 L105 L40 L74 L118 W125 L104
120 Rani Hamid BAN 2005 L104 L15 D127 L42 L56 W89 W106 L99 L105
121 Donald Baldwin ENG (1920) L111 L39 L40 L113 L74 L118 W125 W127 L115 2
122 Dan Myers USA (2160) W113 L61 L83 D70 L52 D81 L89 L94 L114 2
123 Nicole Tagnon FRA 2045 L84 D74 L124 W118 D83 L101 L48 L76 L97 2
124 Erik O M C Teichmann ENG 2285 L14 D92 W123 D82 L36        
125 A Hunter SCO (2080) D95 D63 L108 L57 L100 L115 L121 L119 D127
126 Andrew P Law ENG 2365f W48 DBye               1/1
127 Helen Milligan SCO 1835 L103 L117 D120 D116 L73 L99 L109 L1 21 L119 1
128 Orest Popovych USA 2305f D23 L30 L37 W109 L39         1/5
129 Simon D Brown ENG 2240   W113               1/1
130 John Richardson ENG (2300) L45 L114 L 8 L89           0/4
n.b. I'm not quite sure what the BCF Yearbook for 1982/3 (from which this crosstable is derived) meant by "DBye" as it seems to count as half a point in some cases but not others. Also, Popovych appears to have recorded a win and a draw but his score was given as 1. I have used 'me' or 'fe' to mean 'IM/FM-elect' where the original had 'I' or 'F' in parentheses.

[CHESS, October 1982, p143] "130 players from 19 countries, including six grandmasters, took part in the sixth Lloyds Bank Masters from August 25 to September 2 at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London’s superb Barbican Centre. Tony Miles followed up his first British Championship win two weeks earlier by taking the trophy on tiebreak, beating holder Ray Keene on the way: 1-5 Miles, Hebden both England, Gutman Israel, Hort Czechoslovakia and Johansen Australia 7 out of 9 (shared £2,650); 6-7 Ftacnik Czechoslovakia and Strauss U.S.A. 6½.

"Ftacnik provided the first shock when he was held to a draw in round one by 14-year-old Neil Carr of Barking. Then in round two Teresa Needham, 15, beat grandmaster Janos Flesch Hungary. Viktor Korchnoy provided most of the other shocks by losing to 15-year-old Indian schoolboy Dibhendyu Barua (1981 Junior winner), American Sergey Kudrin and 18-year-old Oxford student John Hawksworth.

"Korchnoy ascribed his poor form to a sudden loss of motivation in life after release of his wife and son from the U.S.S.R.

"Sweden's 19-year-old high school student of English and Russian, Pia Cramling, dominated the Lady Masters, drawing with G.M.s Korchnoy, Hort and Keene and beating Scottish champion Roddy McKay and Sheila Jackson. She registered a woman’s G.M. norm, an I.M. norm and an amazing rating of 2464 for the tournament. 1 Cramling (Sweden) 5½ (£150); 2-3 Jackson, Groves (both England) 4½; 4 Hund (West Germany) 4; 5-8 Mulder (Holland), Needham, Walker (both England), Polgar (Hungary) 3½; 9 Wood (England) 3; 10-12 Hamid (Bangladesh), Sunnucks (England) and Watkins (Wales) 2½, etc. Jan de Wit (Holland) took the Junior Masters trophy on tie-break from Dlugy (U.S.A.), Hawksworth and Levitt (England) all 6.

"Barua (India), Miss Cramling and Johansson (Sweden); Dlugy (U.S.A.), Hawksworth, Levitt, Kosten (England); Johansen (Australia); Kuijf, de Wit (Holland) all made international master norms.

"Jacobs, Large, Wells (England); de Jong, Van der Vliet (Holland); McNab, Upton (Scotland); Thipsay (India) reached F.I.D.E.
master norms.

"Miss Cramling: International woman grand master norm; Miss Groves (England) International woman master norm; Miss Mulder and Miss Needham women’s F.I.D.E. norm."

1982 Catford International

n.b. the following is not directly connected with the 1982 Lloyds Bank Masters but I am putting it here because it was a tournament which immediately followed Lloyds Bank and might be of interest to researchers. As yet, I haven't collected game scores from this tournament. If I do, I will place them and the crosstable on their own page. JS.

The 1982 Catford International was played from 6-14 September 1982 in Catford, London, and some of the players who took part in the Lloyds Bank Masters also played at Catford.

1982 Catford International Nat'y Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Total 
1 Michael J Basman ENG 2410m W 9 W 2 W 12 D 6 L 3 D 4 W11 W 8 W 5 7
2 Darryl K Johansen AUS 2310 W 4 L 1 W 9 D 8 D10 W 7 W 3 D 5 W 6
3 Andrew D Martin ENG 2300f W14 W19 D 5 W10 W 1 W 6 L 2 W11 L 4
4 John J Cox ENG 2300f L 2 W14 W16 L 5 W13 D 1 D 6 W15 W 3 6
5 Maxim Dlugy USA 2325m D11 W21 D 3 W 4 D 6 W12 D 8 D 2 L 1
6 John C Hawksworth ENG 2215 W17 W16 W 7 D 1 D 5 L 3 D 4 W10 L 2
7 Robert Bellin ENG 2405m W21 W13 L 6 D12 L11 L 2 W15 D 9 W17 5
8 Andrew J Whiteley ENG 2385f L10 W11 W14 D 2 D12 D16 D 5 L 1 W18 5
9 Joseph G Gallagher ENG   L 1 D18 L 2 L17 W15 D14 W12 W 7 D10
10 Niaz Murshed BAN 2410m W 8 L12 W15 L 3 D 2 D11 W17 L 6 D 9
11 David E Rumens ENG 2295f D 5 L16 D17 W18 W 7 D10 L 1 L 3 W13
12 Neil H Bradbury ENG   W18 W10 L 1 D 7 D 8 L 5 L 9 D13 D16 4
13 Zsuzsa Polgar HUN 2135 W15 L 7 D18 W14 L 4 D17 D16 D12 L 11 4
14 Erik G J Knoppert NLD   L 3 L 4 L 8 L13 L17 L 9 W18 W16 W15 3
15 C Nigel J Rose ENG   L13 W17 L10 W16 L 9 W18 L 7 L 4 L14 3
16 E Sack ISR 2310 D19 L 6 L 4 L15 W18 D 8 D13 L14 D12 3
17 Les J Smart ENG   L 6 L15 D11 W 9 W14 D13 L10 L18 L 7 3
18 Rani Hamid BAN 2005 L12 D 9 D13 L11 L16 L15 L14 W17 L 8 2
19 Simon Triggs ENG   D16 L 3 D20             1/3
20 Simon D Brown ENG 2240     D19             ½/1
21 Sinclair Thomas Banks ENG 2220 L 7 L 5               0/2


File Updated

Date Notes
5 November 2020 144 games posted here for the first time, plus full crosstable and report from CHESS Magazine. Games from this event have been on ChessBase for some years. Big Database 2020 has 158 games but unfortunately 14 of them are wrongly ascribed to this tournament. I have tried to disentangle the errors below. I have also posted a crosstable of the 1982 Catford International which immediately followed the 1982 Lloyds Bank Masters as it is currently a crosstable with no game scores and thus has nowhere to go. When I find some games for it, I'll give it a page on its own.
5 November 2020 Andy Ansel sent me two more games: (1) Dlugy-Cox (rd 3) and Dlugy-Knott (rd 5). Many thanks, Andy.
30 December 2022 Added three games played by Darryl Johansen: (1) ½-½ v G Flear 9rd 2); (2) 1-0 v J.Emms (rd 3); (3) 1-0 v L.Lederman (rd 4). My thanks to Paul Summers for sending the games. Total of games now 149.

Summary of ChessBase Big/Mega Database 2020 errors as regards their current record of 1982 Lloyds Bank Masters games

The latest ChessBase database is showing 14 games as being played as part of the 1982 Lloyds Bank Masters which weren't. Ten of them, which can easily be identified as they don't have round numbers or dates, are from the 1982 Kings Head International. Of the four others: Joel Benjamin 1-0 H.Carter is actually Jonathan C Benjamin 1-0 G.Carter and was played in the 1982 London Amateur Championship; J.Ady 0-1 J.Speelman is from the February 1982 ARC Young Masters tournament (and some moves are missing from the end in the ChessBase version - see below for correct transcription of the game as shown in BCM); while J.Ady 1-0 R.Khan and S.Taulbut 1-0 C.A. Baker must be from somewhere else but I don't know where. They also have games ascribed to Sofia Polgar which need to be reassigned to Zsuzsa (Susan) Polgar.

Here's the full score of Ady-Speelman, mentioned above: