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Tournament: 3rd Bayswater Open • 47 games out of 60 (1-2nd Leonard Barden, Les Blackstock 4½)
Venue: London • Date: 11-13 June 1971 • Download PGNuploaded Monday, 18 September, 2023 4:53 PM

1971 Bayswater Open, 11-13 June

Final Scores: (1-2) Leonard W Barden, Leslie S F Blackstock 4½/5; (3) John J Carleton 4; (4-5) Alfred Bernegger (SUI), John W Naylor 3½; (6-11) Roger G Ambler, John Burstow, Dinah Dobson [Norman], Ronald F A Harman, Kenneth I Norman, Thomas H Stonehouse 3; (12-14) Terry C Fox, Paul Hershman, Irvin Lipnowski 2½; (15-20) Hans Cohn, Sandys V F Dickinson, Robert C Lynn, Peter Morrey, M D Osmond, Vaughn L Sigouin 2; (21-23) Raymond C Cannon, William A Linton, I Murray-Watson 1½; (24-26) I Bozic, Allen Chalfen, A Mohsenian 1.

Biographical note: Paul Hershman (born 17 March 1950, Rochford, Cambridgeshire, died 8 January 1976, Southend, Essex) was a very strong Essex-based player. At the time of his death he was lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Sussex, with published works to his name on Indian (Punjabi) anthropology.

No obituary appeared in BCM but this obituary comes from the Bulletin of the University of Sussex, 29 Jan 1976: 'Paul Hershman, Lecturer in Social Anthropology in the School of African and Asian Studies, died earlier this month at the age of 25. Dr.I. Ll. Griffiths, Dean of Afras, said at the meeting of the School on January 14: "For several reasons Paul's death has shocked us all: the short duration of his illness, the suddenness of the end, his youth, the respect he had earned, in only four short terms at Sussex, as a vigorous researcher, an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, and a person of conviction and positive views. His loss will be deeply felt throughout the School, not least by his students." Dr. Griffiths said he would be discussing with Professor Epstein and others ways in which Paul Hershman name might be perpetuated In the School.'