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12th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International
27 Sept - 5 Oct 2003

Last updated: Sunday, September 17, 2017 1:33 AM


Move the mouse pointer over a face to identify the person Malcolm Roberts John Blackburn Mrs Blackburn Sandra Blackburn Marte Egeland Simen Agdestein Jorunn Brekke Tom Braunlich Anna Zatonskih Nicole Tagnon Artur Kogan Mrs Alan Bloom Alan Bloom Harmen Jonkman Karel van der Weide Devaki Prasad David Curtis Natalia Kiseleva Mel Young Daniel Kovachev Torstein Bae Sture Alne Ornulf Stubberud John Loughran Trond Gabrielsen James Guiney Dag Danielsen Emil Agdestein Magnus Danielsen John Cooper Raymond Wynarczyk Haakon Astrup Askild Bryn Mads Ribe Ellsiv Reppen

If you move the mouse pointer over an individual face, it will (in more than half the cases) identify that person in a small window on the screen. I'm trying to identify all the people in this photo eventually; I've managed most - can anyone help? Thanks to those who have helped so far - only six or so to go.

Incidentally, this is is the scene of the annual meeting of Tynwald, the Isle of Man parliament, every July 5th. Interestingly, Mann-Kee Li emailed me to say that Dag Danielsen, seen in the picture with his son Magnus (bright red shirt, resting his hands on his father's shoulders), used to be an MP in the Norwegian parliament. Very appropriate that he should be visiting this famous site.

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