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Herewith, a number of chess tournament files and bulletins wanted by me, and by others, in connection with this and other chess games archive projects. If you are able to help, please get in touch with me, John Saunders, via e-mail.


BCF-ch Harrogate (1st Golombek) 1947.08 Needed
BCF-ch London (1st Broadbent) 1948.08 Needed
BCF-ch Felixstowe (1st Golombek) 1949.08 Needed
BCF-ch Buxton (1st Broadbent) 1950.08 Needed
BCF-ch Swansea (1st Klein) 1951.08 Needed
BCF-ch Chester (1st Wade) 1952.08 Needed
BCF-ch Nottingham (Barden/Phillips) 1954.08 - 69 (Partial) (have the play-off)
BCF-ch Aberystwyth (1st Golombek) 1955.08 - 66+4 (Partial)
BCF-ch Blackpool (1st CHO'D Alexander) 1956.08 Needed
BCF-ch Plymouth (1st Dr S Fazekas) 1957.08 Partial bulletin (total 176)
BCF-ch Leamington (1st J Penrose) 1958.08 Needed (154)
BCF-ch Leicester (1st Penrose) 1960.08 Needed (198)
BCF-ch Aberystwyth (1st Penrose) 1961.08 Needed (187)
BCF-ch Whitby (1st MJ Haygarth) 1964.08 Needed (176)


Hastings (1st Szabo) 1947.12 Needed
Hastings (1st Uhlmann) 1958.12 Needed (45)


London, Imperial CC (1st Nimzowitsch) * 1927.11 Needed (30)
3rd Blind Chess Olympiad 1968.03 Needed (440)
* This tournament is not to be confused with the British Empire Masters tournament, London, played in October 1927 and won jointly by Nimzowitsch and Tartakower (the 66 games of which are widely available).

Marek Soszynski is looking for games from the Yarmouth Major Open of July 1935, in particular the sixth round game between BH Wood and Sammy Reshevsky (13.07.1935, 28 moves, King's Indian Defence, 0-1). Can anyone help? posted 20 May 2008

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